How Chickens Develop Inside an Egg - Smarter Every Day 254
Life is Amazing. Seeing this touched me and I wanted to share it with you
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This amazing display showing a live chicken embryo was at the Exploratorium in San Francisco:

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GigaMacro Chicken Embryo
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  • SmarterEveryDay

    Seeing this made me feel things and I wanted to share it with you. Thank you to everyone who supports at . You make it possible for me to publish content I genuinely love instead of trying to please the algorithm. Thank you!

    • candlestick

      The part 3 and 4 was so amazing seeing that.

    • Ar Al
      Ar Al

      Сheck slivkishow. He recreated this at home.

    • IF

      I never saw this video despite watching all your other vids. I think youtube might be classifying it as pro life instead of educational.

    • Shyam Tripathi
      Shyam Tripathi

      Yes sir it is so incredible! Even after knowing so much, it is so sad that people eat them 😢

    • Gangster Rose
      Gangster Rose

      We can see the agenda your pushing dustin...

  • Kỳ Duyên Nguyễn
    Kỳ Duyên Nguyễn

    Oh little chickens are so so so cute. And after watching your video, I felt sad because I like eating chicken egg 😭😭 I feel like I kill them :(

  • joselo 3112
    joselo 3112

    Life is precious,... it always hv an end

  • Paipess Paipes
    Paipess Paipes

    سبحان الله

  • Viraj Pawar
    Viraj Pawar

    your videos make me think twice about every thing and thats amazing ,thank you

  • Henrique

    God is genius! Incredible.

  • John Daltrocanto
    John Daltrocanto

    I literally just passed my embryology exam in med school


    So the egg came first obviously..

  • Ammar Khalil
    Ammar Khalil

    SubhanAllah. Mesmerizing Allah o akbr.

  • Славян Димитров
    Славян Димитров

    Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Subhash
    Subhash is it safe to eat an egg on first day? How can I know what day is going?🤢🤮

  • Shubham Sendre
    Shubham Sendre

    Day 70 : we eat that chicken 🐔

  • martin munene
    martin munene

    Thats simply amazing❤❤❤❤been smiling all thru the video, n seeing tht heart pump was majical

  • BN9

    So...........balut is about 2 weeks?

  • Robert

    My kids have been fascinated by how chickens grow in eggs so I can’t wait for them to see this!! Thank you so much for what your doing.

  • Chris Austin
    Chris Austin

    Im blown away by this! Thank you so much for sharing this. I was just in San Francisco and wouldn't have missed it! How life evolves from conception to birth has always been fascinating to me. This is a long way from 3D ultrasound!

  • gman andersch
    gman andersch

    Are they actually alive

  • Bill Mea
    Bill Mea

    OK stupid question here, where exactly is the stage where we eat the eggs?

  • Jay Paans
    Jay Paans

    I would love to see more days

  • Jay Paans
    Jay Paans

    Do we have embryos of other species on display too? Humans, perhaps?

  • Soroush J.saber
    Soroush J.saber

    This video makes me feel like I’m six again and my dad is showing me things for the first time again

  • Jay Dwy
    Jay Dwy

    Day 3 to 4 aaaaand I'm pro life

    • Ben Again
      Ben Again

      Yeah lol Same thing I was thinking.

  • MC-Cockpot

    how do they keep it at those days do they switch em out constantly

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott

    Chicken Embryo - the guys who helped Jurassic park one them spent 2 years triggering a chicken embryo it grew teeth scales etc like a raptor He said the aussie EMU wud make a good raptor The DNA stuff from tree sap and old 60ml dino's is fakery they just said that to make it look scifi cool . the media without researching this from the movie - OH so they can make a dinosaur from old 60ml DNA haa xd not

  • Eris Gh0sted
    Eris Gh0sted

    Yes, yes, but how does an egg develop inside a chicken? Hrmm? 🤔🤨


    فتبارك الله أحسن الخالقين

  • Sacred Sermon
    Sacred Sermon

    God is Almighty 1 Chronicles 29:11 Jeremiah 32:27

  • Continually Counting Chickens
    Continually Counting Chickens

    I have hens incubating eggs right now. This just blew my mind to be able to see what’s going on inside without the shell. Wow o! Thank you so much!

  • Yariisow Aadam
    Yariisow Aadam


  • rabie Hajjaj
    rabie Hajjaj

    Just wondering who creat it who make that hart beating

  • Chandraprasad C
    Chandraprasad C

    This is one of the coolest thing I've seen

  • timsportsbikelover

    Not only is life amazing. But you are too. With the amount of comments. This may or may not be overlooked. But we want to thank you. From our preschools to our elderly. You sir, make a very big difference in the world. We all strive for knowledge even if we don't know we are. Thanks again, for everything

  • Sana K
    Sana K


  • LeeLee Henry
    LeeLee Henry

    Thank you for this video. I love to see God's hand at work! Incredible

  • xFersureMatt

    And we eat these cute creatures every day :/

  • Reuben Hostetler
    Reuben Hostetler

    So when is it no longer an egg and it becomes a chicken

  • Keto Cajun
    Keto Cajun

    Truly amazing to see how complex things can come together to make a whole organism function. Life is so beautiful and should be awed!

  • Craig Townsend
    Craig Townsend

    For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. 14/I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 15/My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 16/Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

  • Mark Hancock
    Mark Hancock

    Very Cool. Really makes you think on how productive the body is. So, do they put in a new egg and shift everything down every day?

  • Sandeep Petwal
    Sandeep Petwal

    Day 200 chicken 🐓 eaten by us😔😏

  • Earnwulf

    You wonder if people compare this to humans, if people would understand that at day 1 they already created a life?

  • PeaceMaker 5150
    PeaceMaker 5150

    I'm more impressed by the zoom on his phone than the chicken.

  • Justin Phillips
    Justin Phillips

    This shows the power of God. And the miracles only he can do. We are surrounded by them daily. Thank you for sharing.

    • Jay Paans
      Jay Paans

      God ain't got nothing to do with it 💡

  • Super Stuff
    Super Stuff

    We have 70 chickens, just hatched a chick This was special

  • Briancruz Hernandez
    Briancruz Hernandez

    This was SO COOL. Thanks Destin

  • dovalle

    All of these "this is so beatiful, life is so beautiful, it's so amazing" comments... I'm not a vegan that thinks chicken should never be killed or something, I eat meat... But the disconnect between the appreciation for the life of the embryos in the video and comments and the reality being ignored is honestly disconcerting. I'm also bothered the video didn't bother to mention their destiny. It's just freaky we can do something like this, go in to the babies and say "wow, you're amazing, so beatiful" while making emotional remarks and then leave them to die. This dynamic is baffling to me. It seems fake and forced. None truly give any value to the lives of these embryos or they wouldn't be there, and people wouldn't be happy to see them there. From a human behavior standpoint, I hate it. It's a scary capacity for contradiction. lol

  • redeye 11
    redeye 11

    I still find it mad how one human puts some stuff in another human, then 9 months later another human comes out

  • sololoquy

    It's beautiful And I don't know why, tears started rolling down my cheeks.

  • Chris Klugh
    Chris Klugh

    Any chance they could make a timelaps!!!

  • Chris Klugh
    Chris Klugh

    Next time I make eggs...

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    And yet there are people who think that this is just a coincidence...

  • Reto El Correr
    Reto El Correr

    life is amazing. goes to eat chicken sandwich for lunch

  • gamlagubbengren

    Its alive even before its born

  • FlyingGyros

    I don’t ever want to eat eggs again. This is fascinating.

  • Mahmoud Nasr
    Mahmoud Nasr

    سبحان الخالق المبدع

  • ليان الشاعر
    ليان الشاعر

    هذا خلق الله فأروني ماذا خلق الذين من دونه

  • Jeff Falke Music
    Jeff Falke Music

    "Fearfully and wonderfully made!"

  • MrVipitis

    They have to prepare that exhibit every day? I saw a UZmilk video before that incubated an egg half way open.

  • Bill Vang
    Bill Vang

    After this video I’m like “ hey kids! Who wants chicken nuggets!?!?”

  • Scott Retford
    Scott Retford

    Well you know I had to go and find a time lapse. It was horrifying.

  • Wilson Arendt
    Wilson Arendt

    I just stumbled upon the channel. How amazing!!

    • Ryun Forsman
      Ryun Forsman

      Welcome to one of the best channels on UZmilk. Subscribe, grab some snacks and prepare to learn, be amazed, and grow smarter every day!

  • Mouwafi Abdelrahman
    Mouwafi Abdelrahman

    سبحان الله

  • Marco Antônio Eick
    Marco Antônio Eick

    do they just put more chicken embryos once these are born.

  • Sardor Amonov
    Sardor Amonov

    And can it be created only by chance? By Evolution? By just big bang theory?

  • MikeinCt

    Does the chicken keep growing after the egg is layed and pulled from nest to refrigerator right after its layed?

    • Logan Shaver
      Logan Shaver

      I've seen your previous comment and you're taking about how you've seen red in the yolk, WTF? Where are you getting your eggs!? They are unfertilized in the grocery store

  • MikeinCt

    Well I guess I'm not eating eggs anymore! I've seen red in yokes before when I've cracked them in a pan! Is that a old egg that wasn't pulled from nest right away?

  • bri pertplus
    bri pertplus

    Low key abortion commentary? 😅

  • hi_you25

    that's interesting

  • Anay

    Wow 👍🙂🙂🙂

  • amit ghorp
    amit ghorp

    And we eat this incredible life for the sake of satisfying our taste buds...

    • Rudy Erickson
      Rudy Erickson

      @Flowboat we do eat chicken though

    • Flowboat

      Eggs that we eat aren't fertilized, there is nothing growing in them. Just like humans, chickens require an egg and a sperm in order to form a baby

  • Kenneth Kline
    Kenneth Kline

    I wish they had an exhibit like this with real human embryos in it

  • blueamcat

    And people deny that humans are alive at conception. Unbelievable.

  • FiL

    The fascinating instance to me was when I saw my son and heard his heartbeat on an ultrasound scan. Even more fascinating is God’s image on every human embryo.

  • Chad Costa
    Chad Costa

    Wow, amazing.

  • Kcxhannel

    holy shut

  • dborg

    Destin why not make a video about why chickens can stabilise their heads like gyroscopes or gimbals

  • Chris Cato
    Chris Cato

    Something only the one true God could make! Praise Adonai! Truly amazing.

  • Erick Oldaker
    Erick Oldaker

    Can this be shown to those that think life only begins at birth? Unless they only believe what they want, this should convince them.

  • rift0tripper

    The real question is...would you abort baby chicken Hitler if it prevents the murder of millions...hmmm hmm?

    • Rudy Erickson
      Rudy Erickson

      I would raise baby chicken Hitler to not be chicken Hitler

  • iisa bakk
    iisa bakk

    Yet people say abortion is ok, shame on them

  • AiykA

    Is this a fertilized egg which is different from the eggs we eat?

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount

    I do love it

  • Marco

    you have these thumbnails and titles where im like "ehhhh nah im not sure about that", and then i finally click on it and the content amazes me more then the videos i'd click on in a heartbeat. cool videos man

  • Joseph Hamm
    Joseph Hamm

    That is really cool.. have you thought of doing that experiment on your own and doing a series that would be so cool and mind blowing

  • Tensor Flow
    Tensor Flow

    Chicken embryo time lapse is truly the most amazing timelapses I have ever seen. It's simultaneously fascinating and jarring for someone who's now waiting for my 3 eggs to be boiled.

  • Harley Trolinder
    Harley Trolinder

    I think you should do a deep dive into this

  • Spencer Fitzpatrick
    Spencer Fitzpatrick

    What strange roots that plant had. Such strange yellow soil.

  • Once in a Lifetime
    Once in a Lifetime

    I have so many ethics questions...

  • Kalev McCarthy
    Kalev McCarthy

    I want to see later stages once it’s even more developed

  • Zayim _.
    Zayim _.


  • Sgt_CHIKUN


  • Luigi Cotocea
    Luigi Cotocea

    Imtought the yolf was fake but when the hearth beat it was real!

  • James Heuberger
    James Heuberger

    This is so cool!!

  • Ivan Zubcic
    Ivan Zubcic

    How they make that?

  • Jacob Harryman
    Jacob Harryman

    Life is beautiful when you look deeper.

  • ishrat jahan panna
    ishrat jahan panna

    this is so..!! good!

  • Jesper Hammarlund
    Jesper Hammarlund

    what amaze me is that its crazy how life works how it all fits together. this is what billions or years of evolution has come to our technology is nothing to what nature can do. nature always finds a way.

  • Living The Fruitful Life
    Living The Fruitful Life

    God is way cool!

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B

    That is really cool! Thanks for sharing

  • Sims4u

    Thank you for sharing this.

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