How Does A Carburetor Work? | Transparent Carburetor at 28,546 fps Slow Mo - Smarter Every Day 259
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Extended Cut with my Dad on the 2nd Channel

A pretty good video by Briggs & Stratton

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  • SmarterEveryDay

    Thanks for letting me make videos about things I'm genuinely interested in. Also, I'm grateful to everyone who supports on Patreon via . Thank you so much for your support!

    • AEON

      @Dave Sims It continues because even the exhaust stroke sucks some air from the combustion chamber creating a suction - so the split second later on the intake stroke, it pulls the air fuel mixture in. This is even more evident on a 2 stroke engine - where a tuned exhaust hits it's "TUNE" point and gets even more power because it synchronizes pulling of the air fuel (oil) mixture through the engine - it's also why they are more powerful but more pollution is made from not having a complete burn. It's why 2 stroke engines smoke. That's what a tuned exhaust is all a bout :) It doesn't really work with a 4 stroke because the back compression is a lot different.

    • Dave Sims
      Dave Sims

      Why does the jet continue when the intake valve is closed and the compression stroke is beginning? Is it momentum? The way you explained at the beginning of the video, that the venturi causes lower static pressure and vacuum, I assumed the jet would only exist while air was flowing through the venturi, but from the video it seems opposite...that the jet exists when air isn't flowing, and the jet didn't seem to exist when air was flowing (unless maybe it was being vaporized to fast to see it coming out of the pin hole at all?). Great video all around, thanks for sharing :)

    • Romullus

      This is incredibly cool. I've always just "understood" how they worked. Never actually seen it in action.

    • Norskë_OW

      I already knew a good amount about carbs (have rebuilt quite a few) but this was still very interesting!

    • AEON

      Sir - your thumbnail looks like a d*ck - I can say that because our children in elementary school are learning how to use theirs. (sadly) Maybe that's why that new rocket 🚀 is shaped like one - but is also typically full of them inside of it as well, like the owner. :)

  • Rohit Gupta
    Rohit Gupta

    The slow mo's are so freaking romantic to me as an engineer!! Thanks for a great video.

  • MrStereototal

    Your Dad is really cool

  • P K
    P K


  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe

    Now imagine your dad's motorcycle burning down the highway at many cycles of this are happening every second...

  • Spencer Klein
    Spencer Klein

    I might have to direct my students to this video when teaching aircraft carburetors, though there's no choke/the mixture control works quite differently. However, it's a fantastic visualization of how carburetor icing can form!

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe

    Of course you know, it is NOT sucking air/fuel mixture into the cylinder...right? The whole concept of a vacuum gets confused in this way. That is why some people think space can't be a vacuum or it would 'suck' our atmosphere away. The piston draw creates a lower pressure environment, and atmospheric pressure tries to balance that out and pushes the air/fuel mixture into the cylinder. I know that you know, and I also know must of us use the same phrasing talking about it, but in a teaching environment is is important to be correct. - Cheers

  • burgess603

    This is the best explanation of how a carburetor works. Thanks for making this.

  • Alex Bladder
    Alex Bladder

    Hey Destin, I'm an engineering student in the Netherlands and would recommend you to do a video on the (due to climate change more often) struggle against water. I think that you and and a lot of other people who watch smarter every day can learn some hydro engineering that will become vital as time goes on

  • Echsenmensch Gaming
    Echsenmensch Gaming

    Your Dad is the most american thing I'vs seen in a long time

  • Ryan Patterson
    Ryan Patterson

    Doesn't it seem like our fathers' generation had so much more practical knowledge than us, and our fathers' fathers even more so. When my grandfather decided he wanted a new shed, he didn't need plans or kits. He just bought some lumber and built it, and it was absolutely beautiful! It had glass windows, dutch doors, and even a loft. He was an electrician, I have no idea why he just knew how to do that. It would take me weeks of study and I'd probably have to learn (and buy) new tools. I would love a channel that is nothing but your dad explaining things and you building models to demonstrate it. I feel like I could learn so much. I know how carburetors work now!

  • BK

    Dad will be always dad both are so good like yr smart innovative idea of 3d carburatore

  • Communist Hippie
    Communist Hippie

    its a dildoratur

  • Hyper Bipolar
    Hyper Bipolar

    mind blown when he said "thats why they call it a 4 stroke". I thot that meant straight gas lmfao

  • kalai kamal
    kalai kamal

    Thanks 😊

  • amadeus mozart
    amadeus mozart

    Your father should receive a honorary degree in engineering - it's very sharp his understading of the mechanics and he's very attentive even to the tiny details.

  • Ma Jab
    Ma Jab

    What a joy to watch

  • First Buck
    First Buck

    This is the very first channel I have subscribed to. Fantastic work Dustin and Dad.

  • Clay Heston
    Clay Heston

    Your dad is the COOLEST

  • Brendan

    That look of reserved pride bubbling to the surface in your dad’s face when the engine starts lol, almost a smile

  • E R I C 🐼
    E R I C 🐼

    I m a mechanical engineer as well n dosen't know about many machinary 😁

  • SmithIsNotOriginal

    9:10 felt enlightening

  • Jo minipif
    Jo minipif

    Wouldn't cutting the ignition be an easier and safer way of stopping the engine?

  • Ken Cramer
    Ken Cramer

    I agree, no one explains things better than dad. My dad comes from the same generation as your dad. That was when life was more simple: there was Less money, fewer choices & distractions & being resourceful meant the difference between the haves and have nots. More available time for true understanding driven by the need of being self reliant. Thanx for letting us share in your joy of learning and your great relationship with dad

  • Lee Mitch
    Lee Mitch

    Thanks for this guys, I've been playing with carbs for many many years, and im still learning something new. It looks like (on this carb anyway), that the fuel that comes up out of the jet looking like a solid liquid, could actually be from the inertia of the previous intake stroke.

  • Julian Gude
    Julian Gude

    This was SO much fun! Thank you!!

  • Øyvind

    Proverbs 1: 8 My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother: 9 For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck. What a great video, Destin :) I loved every minute of it - and your dad! :) Thanks for being great at what you do, and sharing it with everyone else!

  • Neel Knight
    Neel Knight

    Wow!! Beautiful beautiful stuff.

  • Daniil Chertash
    Daniil Chertash

    Amazing job! Thank you a lot!!

  • Ahitagni Dasgupta
    Ahitagni Dasgupta

    Such a wonderful team...God bless

  • Milk

    you kinda look like marlon from the truman show

  • Xavier Wright
    Xavier Wright

    This is fantastic. Really interesting... I hope I can share what I've learnt here with someone else one day.

  • Urban_Spectre

    This was super informative, looking at that book it would have taken me ages to properly comprehend how the ventura, choke and throttle worked but the demonstration was really cohesive thanks

  • Rob K
    Rob K

    Love this, absolutely astounding. The jet itself has a very important part to play which is not covered in this video, but would be nice in a follow up at some point maybe? (please please please) which has it's own very sharply defined venturi effect and forces the fuel to atomise (think of the friend who sprays their drink out when they see something funny mid sip) so on the intake, the fuel doesn't dribble into the venturi, it vaporizes the fuel like what was seen when the engine stopped and the mist was seen. A worn jet causes too much fuel to enter the venturi, and not atomise correctly, so that the flame in the combustion chamber has to hunt and seek instead of sweep smoothly through the power stroke.

  • Sahraoui Walid
    Sahraoui Walid

    Yes Sir

  • Michael D
    Michael D

    20:28 has a nice butterfly affect at the end of the intake chamber.

  • Xogroroth666

    Like a roterubrac, but opposite the way.

  • alif rayhan madani dalimunthe
    alif rayhan madani dalimunthe

    I want get one like his dad

  • David Boston
    David Boston

    Awesome video!!! Wow…. You’re right your Dad is very smart, thank you!!!! Loved it..


    "this, is" me: getting some serious doug demuro vibes

  • Brian Heins
    Brian Heins

    One of your most visually stunning videos, congrats!!

  • Everyday Compress
    Everyday Compress

    1.2.3. SUCK 1.2.3. SUCK your father is the coolest makes its so simple anyone watching now understands a carburetor!

  • EmoneyExpirementsWithLife


  • Jacob Francisco
    Jacob Francisco

    Can you try a dirt bike carb? Like with the cable throttle it’s almost the same but with a piece of aluminum in the middle which is picked up when you twist the throttle

  • Scott Krieman
    Scott Krieman

    What a great Dad! You are fortunate to get to spend time together on a cool project like this. I love my Dad and look forward to doing things with him any chance I can. This life is short may God bless

  • Cristobal Gutierrez
    Cristobal Gutierrez


  • James Brent
    James Brent

    Would it be possible to do the same thing but with a 2-stroke?

  • Scott

    This actually helped me fix my carb on a tiller I have that was sat out for a while. Many thanks!

  • Navneet Nair
    Navneet Nair

    Another example of why this channel and veritasium never bore me.

  • dk aldossari
    dk aldossari

    I didn't fully understand carburetor -while I know what they do -until I watched this level of detailed and entertaining explanation...thank you and I hope schools get scraped and replaced by more entertaining learining approach that gives you the ability to choose when and can have it everywhere

  • Rick _H.
    Rick _H.

    I'm not an engineer by any means but even I know letting an engine run away can blow the engine

  • Kev B
    Kev B

    Gotta say this is one of the best videos I've ever seen about a carburetor.

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden

    People who went to college to study things like this dont know something 13 year olds living on farms know.

  • TheDrakenZ

    your dad is awesome haha :D next you need to make a transparent carburetor showing primaries and secondaries engaging, vaccuum secondaries vs mechanical, and throw a powervalve in the mix while you're at it :D hahaha

  • Navneet Nair
    Navneet Nair

    I love the way Dad explains how he shouldn’t to let her rip. :)


    SOO CLOOSEE TO 10MILLL!!! Congrats!

  • Matt Bush
    Matt Bush

    I mean the clue's in the name right? Obviously it Carburets...

  • Angry Kouhai
    Angry Kouhai

    Dad: "It'll be running faster than it's designed to run, it's dangerous." Son: "But we have a fire extinguisher."

  • Bluefall76

    This video was so cool! Thanks a lot!

  • Christopher Jacobsson
    Christopher Jacobsson

    You know his dad succeded raising his son when he gets adressed as sir

    • First Buck
      First Buck

      Amen to that

  • Jase Watson
    Jase Watson

    Great video. I knew what was happening in a carb', but seeing it was something else. I can see why you have your dad featured in this video...SUBSCRIBED! No offence intended, but your dad reminds me of "Roy Chubby Brown" when he has his overalls on and "Benny Hill" when in his civies. These are two firm British favourite comics, with very different acts (you have been warned).

  • Steven Silver
    Steven Silver

    8:30: "I'm lookin' fer fire!" I feel like that was the smartest thing said in this video XD That's practical knowledge right there! 10:40: Dad showing off how he kept the whole thing from just exploding. What a legend!

  • Si Larkins
    Si Larkins

    Great great great educational video! Well done! Just want to say that I enjoyed every second of this. Not just because I got to see the inner workings of the humble carb’ but also because of the genuine joy on your face at the discoveries and working with your Dad. You guys have great chemistry! Thank you so much for sharing more than just knowledge.

  • john mcdonough
    john mcdonough

    Before you were smarter, your dad was smart.

  • Chris Conner, Jr
    Chris Conner, Jr

    Ur dad is a true southern gentleman. N btw I live in Anniston we're basically neighbors

  • Bazenga Gaming
    Bazenga Gaming

    You and your Dad are so awesome together. =) I got choked up when you said "I want to learn about carburetors from my dad." You're so lucky to have a good relationship with your dad. God Bless your guys.

  • Mark Armstrong
    Mark Armstrong

    Very nice! We know how they work but never the details. What an opportunity to have a great relationship with your mentor. Loved it all. Also great editing!

  • Muhammad Anas
    Muhammad Anas

    Everything about this video is heart ❤ worming, from you and your dad's relationship to the complexities of the device.. Absolutely loved it. It is clear from your genuine reaction that you absolutely love mechanics and are actually motivated by it. Watching your videos 📹 not only help me understand concepts but also understand the way to go about it. Its so motivating for us viewers. Love from 🇵🇰

  • Mantis

    Why does the thumbnail look like some sort of artificial insemination device?

  • Andrew Tomczak
    Andrew Tomczak

    The higher speed of the air in the venturi causes low pressure, therefore the higher pressure of in the fuel bowl pushes the gas out of the tube (jet). Common sense would show it does not work. Like an airplane wing, the high speed air lowers the pressure. I hate to be a Debbie downer but, with computers available there is no need to continue this crude way of polluting the air. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) makes this into cave man, super pollution, technology, I am interested in all out war on the carburetor, using Open Source EFI in order to decrease air pollution across the globe, especially in 3rd Word countries. What I think would be interesting as a follow up, would be to compare the stats of EFI vs. Carburetor.

  • DoesItTrack

    What a great video! I really enjoy watching you and your dad interact. He seems like a great guy to hang out with!

  • David Frankel
    David Frankel

    Such a nice time with your dad. Your relationship is running on all cylinders. G-d bless.

  • Jerry Cordova
    Jerry Cordova

    A vehicle's high performance carburetor would trip you out. So, so many different functions, its crazy!

  • Dmitrii Zhukov
    Dmitrii Zhukov

    thank you and your dad from Russia for such a vivid and awesome presentation. Please do the same video about how fuel and air is mixed in a diesel engine.

  • MetalZeroOne

    Great VID BTW but I noticed he became a Texan with DAD. His accent totally changed to Cowboy and became normal afterwards. LOL. Peace.

  • Francisco M Neto
    Francisco M Neto

    I love your dad

  • Biska

    Thank you Destin. Not only for making an excelent video to explain something difficult in a easy way, but also to show a wonderful father and son relationship. I feel smarter for the notions and I feel happy for all the smiles and kindness.

  • sugat jena
    sugat jena

    Most beautiful video I've seen in a long time

  • Chris Grace
    Chris Grace

    Hear, my son, your father's instruction, and forsake not your mother's teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck.

  • Arne Cl
    Arne Cl

    15:45 dude as if the air is at supersonic speed...

  • Danish Parts Wala
    Danish Parts Wala

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  • Tomas Blazukas
    Tomas Blazukas

    You have a wonderful father. Bless you both! Enjoy each other! Thank you for sharing

  • Tanner Walters
    Tanner Walters

    Hey man can you do a video on lighting a candle off of smoke

  • Channel 99
    Channel 99

    To lessen the chance of backfiring, throttle down all the way for about 10 seconds before shutting the engine off.

  • janaka edirisinghe
    janaka edirisinghe

    i never knew😮🤣 4:32

  • Sergio Camano-Valencia
    Sergio Camano-Valencia

    This video is awesome! I love the relationship between you and your dad and the common ground of mechanics and engineering. Reminds me of me and my dad. I may be good with technology implemented in newer parts, but I always refer to my dad to truly understand the fundamentals. Great stuff! Keep up the great work! It would be cool to see a video with the low and high idle effects on a two stroke 😀

  • Kolyan1981

    Thanks to your father and you for so cool time I have looking this nice show

  • Erik T
    Erik T

    On another note: Who the heck downvotes this stuff???

  • Erik T
    Erik T

    Who the heck is Derek??? Show us Derek!

  • Thiago bassakin
    Thiago bassakin

    are things like that makes me love the world and your nature. well i love this channel for show me how beautiful is the science. srry for my bad english, im from brazil and all i learn are with games kkkk

  • G5

    I think that dancing column of fuel is due tot he inertia of the fuel column. The suction event accelerated fuel up to the venturi, but when the suction event stops, the fuel still has its inertia so it continues up into the venturi and would drop back down if not for a suction even coming along before it can. Also, your Dad is exactly right about the surface area increase, which is directly related to droplet size. As a newtonian fluid with surface tension, gasoline wants to stay a liquid and resists being atomized. This is why a cold engine needs such a richer mixture-- heat is a major contributor to vaporization. This is why cars have so much gasoline vapor in the exhaust when the engines are cold. It's also why cold engines get such bad MPG. Also, throttle position matters a lot because an engine with lots of manifold vacuum has the vacuum to contribute to vaporization. At full throttle, it's nearly ambient pressure in the manifold (less restriction) so the means of droplet breakup are almost entirely mechanical vs assisted by higher heat or lower pressure.

  • David Tenorio
    David Tenorio

    Dude! Would it be possible to make a see trough exhaust system or something like that?? Cheers

  • ꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂
    ꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂

    how great is it when you ask if you can run multiple cilinders on one carburator... FINNALY I KNEW SOME TING MORE THEN YOU JUSTIN!!!

  • Wiking

    9:42 i knew something SmarterEveryDay didn’t :D

  • G5

    Destin, your Dad is awesome. We're so lucky to have great Dads that teach us so much. Thanks for making great videos, showing us your Dad, and being a great Dad to your own kids.

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  • josh1000f

    Awesome video! You made me smarter.

  • Tamas Kalman
    Tamas Kalman

    i always had a trouble to understand how a carburetor works - this is the best explanatory video BY FAR. finally my life is complete. thank you so much!

  • Jim M
    Jim M

    I love this channel. I have learned some pretty interesting stuff. But I enjoy that rare video where you're learning about something I know. Watching your learning process. I grew up with carbs. On mowers, mini bikes, and cars. My dad and I would tear down our family car's Rochester QuadraJet to every last piece, clean it and put it all back together. He was an aircraft mechanic in the air force then a backyard mechanic the rest of his life. This video reminded me of doing that stuff with him. He passed a few years ago. But everything I learned from him lives on.

  • Mechanicalcircus

    Imagine having to tune an early Airplane carburetor lean but well enough to get you off the ground so it's the perfect mixture at desired altitude....gulp!

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