HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour - United Launch Alliance) - Smarter Every Day 231
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2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines and competitors:

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United Launch Alliance:

Tory Bruno:

ULA has a website named "Rocketbuilder". You can build your own mission based on payload and destination. It's fun to play around with it:
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  • SmarterEveryDay

    Thanks for watching this video. I'm glad you're here. If you feel like this earns your subscription please click here: How this happened: I messaged Tory "If you ever find yourself with an open lunch I'll buy. No cameras, just rocket geek chat." A few months later he changed a flight one day so we could grab lunch, but he also carved out a couple of hours before lunch to give me a personal tour. He's as cool off camera as he is on camera. He allowed me to ask any technical question I had, and I never even got close to the limits of his understanding of rockets. His technical prowess is something I aspire to. We made a video on the second channel where I interview him about more specific things about rockets, as well as how he feels about competitors. 2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines, competitors, and business philosophy:

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    Classic Riki

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