How Does NASA Practice Landing on the Moon? - Smarter Every Day 252
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Human Landing System Program:

Mighty Eagle


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    • Fun Awesome
      Fun Awesome


    • Alex Shepherd
      Alex Shepherd

      Destin, do you think the Ingenuity helicopter could blow the dust off InSight's solar panels?

    • Man4man Jr.
      Man4man Jr.

      @Akash Das oo

    • the bystanderd
      the bystanderd

      Please do rail guns... I know the military has one in development lol

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      S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S Your right thumbnail algorithm/ / your right / see the started trying to give me power so that they could take it back / or stop it /specifily , my Ryu(/re/-ehw/)// because / let be honest / a guy who can shoot fireballs out of his hand / at will / is scary / / and mine bends thick steell//

  • Mrcloc

    But why not just make the lander work precisely like a drone? I mean, you can literally have 4 rotors and a thruster under each, then use the same UI and control system. It's a very well known tech, and can be fully automated and driven by a pilot, whether the pilot is onboard or remote.

  • I like Shirley temple’s
    I like Shirley temple’s

    Why don’t they use a wind tunnel like thing to simulate 0.6g?

  • joemonster55

    Project Mprpheus is a big deal for cryo prop development! It flew both MPS and RCS with a pressure regulated LOX/LCH4 propellant and shared tanks. The thrusters even work with two phase flow! Truly first of its kind.

  • jackeroo75

    We never made it to the moon! It was fake by Hollywood producers!!!

  • Classic Riki
    Classic Riki

    So were they using Deionised Water because it’s a pretty good electrical insulator or something else? Wasn’t really sure why.

  • UthacalthingTymbrimi

    It's amazing to think that (simpler) variants of these kinds of accelerometers & attitude control software, perfected over decades by NASA and other space agencies, can be found today in kid's toy drones you can buy on eBay for less than 20 bucks.

  • Self-Education Methodology
    Self-Education Methodology

    Hey 👋 We should improve and educate ourselves to succeed! Make Yourself Proud 🥇

  • Tanner Eanes
    Tanner Eanes

    We make them play KSP in first person

  • deinemuddaisdoof

    "Moon" sorry I had to :)

  • MrVipitis

    The burp sequence? Is such a fascinating sound - I had to rewatch the video.

  • Roman M.
    Roman M.

    Have you seen the photo of the LEM? How could it withstand the pressure of the breathable air inside it pushing outside with the force of 2 kg on 1 cm squared? That thing would not even be water-proof in the pool!

    • Jan Strzelecki
      Jan Strzelecki

      @Roman M. _Soda can is not made of tin foil_ Neither was the LM. _nor it has to withstand the vacuum._ If it can withstand that pressure difference, then it can withstand the vacuum. It's the pressure difference that matters. A difference of 1 atm is the same regardless of whether it's 2 atm vs 1 atm, or 1 atm vs 0 atm (aka the vacuum). _Put a soda can in a vacuum, it will explode._ Not if you decrease the internal pressure accordingly. _Same with LM_ No, it's really not. Just out of curiosity, where did you get this "2 kg on 1 cm squared" figure from? _"Is your room being held together by the wallpaper?"_ _No,_ Thank you. Do you understand now that you can't judge the construction of the LM based sorely on the photos of the outer hull?

    • Roman M.
      Roman M.

      @Jan Strzelecki Soda can is not made of tin foil, nor it has to withstand the vacuum. Put a soda can in a vacuum, it will explode. Same with LM "Is your room being held together by the wallpaper?" No, but outside pressure is equal to that of the inside

    • Jan Strzelecki
      Jan Strzelecki

      _Have you seen the photo of the LEM?_ No, but I have seen photos of the LM, _including_ several "under construction" photos. You, apparently, have not. _How could it withstand the pressure of the breathable air inside it pushing outside with the force of 2 kg on 1 cm squared?_ I'm sorry, _how_ much? The cabin pressure in the LM was about 5 pounds per square inch, which is 0.351534 kgf/cm². (For comparison, an ordinary soda can holds six times that pressure.) _That thing would not even be water-proof in the pool!_ Is your room being held together by the wallpaper?

  • The Hopeful astronaut
    The Hopeful astronaut


  • Daniel Holtzman
    Daniel Holtzman

    Autism wins again!

  • CabanaCaseda

    hydrogen peroxide in the concentrations used by rocket engineers is VERY dangerous. HTP can kill.

  • Devin Roland
    Devin Roland

    Drone on Mars gravity helped answer your question destin

  • Paged Number
    Paged Number

    Im getting a word???????

  • Jay H.
    Jay H.

    drone on the moon???? mars heli 50k plus on mar.... on the moon it would be 150-200k plus then adding more weight it would have to huge blades.. idk what they could make it out of.. maybe poss but id have to see it person

  • Paged Number
    Paged Number

    Propulsion in a vacuum?????????¿??????????????????????????????????????

    • Not Bendy Snowball's Alt
      Not Bendy Snowball's Alt

      @Roman M. I hope you are trolling because you are very very wrong. You are the reason the Dunning Kruger scale was created, and you have scaled Mount Stupid. You are overconfident and arrogant, yet incredibly misled by your lack of humility. Enjoy being a flat Earther and not being capable of understanding the truth.

    • SicIturAdAstra

      @Roman M. Explode? There are absolutely no reason it would explode if done the right way (ie not a hard start). Actually, it's even in a vacuum that a rocket engine is the most efficient by nature.

    • Roman M.
      Roman M.

      @SicIturAdAstra It will explode as soon as the valve opens Nature abhors vacuum. There is no vacuum in nature, nowhere to be found. We live in a completely pressurized, closed system

    • SicIturAdAstra

      Action/reaction, simple principles.

    • Roman M.
      Roman M.

      Complete and utter BS for everyone with a even shred of the brain. School level physics DEBUNKS so-called "space travel"

  • Brian

    In response to your title... They don't. That's why you see no evidence of blast from the jets.

  • Wahya Danuwoa
    Wahya Danuwoa

    16:46 I was waiting for an industrial genre song to start playing and maybe hear Depeche Mode singing. I am disappoint!

  • Simon Tracer
    Simon Tracer

    Wouldn't the function of the earth cancelling rocket and the weight of that change if you have less weight during the actual flight? But they probably can compensate for that

    • SicIturAdAstra

      Absolutely, this engine throttles, unlike the others.

  • Stern alien I bet
    Stern alien I bet

    16:47 Preflight jets sound like, smarter every day, smarter every day, smarter every day

  • Name Last
    Name Last

    What makes a glow bug light up?

  • Cian Xan Teoh
    Cian Xan Teoh

    Destin's didn't aged from 2013 to 2021. :surprised:

  • Danny Bueno
    Danny Bueno

    It’s like a super advanced steampunk version of a drone lol

  • daniel B
    daniel B

    I'm waiting for the "great" beard.

  • shabbos goy
    shabbos goy

    lost the technology bro lmao.

  • James does it really matter
    James does it really matter

    Destin is awesome, with almost always family friendly content.

  • LazySmurf

    To answer the question, you need both. Robotically controlled systems with trained backup pilots in case anything happens that needs that human element. Think of an Airbus, they can automatically take off, autopilot, and auto land all by themselves, but obviously we have pilots there to monitor and control the automation to some degree. The same thing applies with the new era of space exploration. Computers can think and react faster than we can, but they can’t always think or react as intelligently or intuitively as we can. We need each other if we plan on going any further than the moon, but we need each other to get even to the moon. Computers and pilots need to learn to work effectively and efficiently together.

  • Parth

    15:08 t-minus 1 hour: dorito time 😋

  • noahman27

    They faked all the moon landings back in the day, so they should be able to do it again today. Hahahahaaa TOTALLY KIDDING! Personally, I think they should pursue every avenue of safety that they can pursue if they are going to the moon again - if that means someone has to practice manually flying a lander, then they should practice it like their lives depend on it.

  • Wild Wilderness North
    Wild Wilderness North

    You should do a clip on Internal Mass Reduction Devices. 😇

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber

    Can someone please please make a heavy metal song with that start up/test sequence? That’s a sick beat!

  • T Est
    T Est

    This is why I don't like planes flying by themselves. Yes they make smother landings, but I also think that pilots loose skill. There have been accidents because false understanding of the environment due to a sensor failure. A human pilot will make misstakes, however are those misstakes the size of a misstake a software does when a sensor goes wrong? I do not think so, I prefer a bumpy landing but having pilots that know their plane as their pocket and fly by observation rather than operate a airplane. So I totally agree with you, pilots should be pilots not operators.

  • Gin, Juice
    Gin, Juice

    I know they were friends the moment I heard Destin say phhhhrrrrr and the nasa engineer goes no it's phus phus phus

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell

    I got the kiwi co boxes from you years ago. They were so great. My grandsons loved them and built so much stuff. Thanks Smarter

  • Milky Joe
    Milky Joe

    10:03 something about watching people hundreds of times more inteligent than me making noises to describe what happens makes me feel a little smarter HAHA.

  • Flying Ace
    Flying Ace

    What else have you been hiding from us for over a decade destin?? I've seen how many hardrives you had when linus built you a new data server/pc haha Fantastic content!

  • Umair Rizvi
    Umair Rizvi

    Guys check it out. At 1:44 if you zoom in on full screen it'll look like Logan is bald 😂

  • Kim Truc Lan
    Kim Truc Lan

    The stiff citizenship socially identify because greece practically float times a encouraging node. brash, frequent rocket

  • Andreas Bernard
    Andreas Bernard

    Beard shaming! Blasphemy 😂

  • MrVipitis

    HLS is a big topic now

  • C N
    C N

    You should sign up for the Dearmoon mission.

  • Henry Wallace
    Henry Wallace

    I've been wondering this for so long - what is the flashing panel by the map on your wall? thanks :)

  • Tony B
    Tony B

    @10:38 the yaw and roll demonstrations were transposed.

  • Lord Sparks
    Lord Sparks

    Seriously, this is one of my favourite UZmilk channels. Really glad Gav put me onto this

  • Thomas Aquinas
    Thomas Aquinas

    How did Neil learn on the LLTL when it almost killed him twice and they immediately scrapped the use of it? Why not discuss how the lunar lander reunited with the space capsule as it rotated around the moon at 8,000 MPH? That may be the most interesting part of the lunar landing. Don't forget to explain how their space suits managed -100C in the shade to +100C in the direct sun. Hint: our current tech still can't create a suit capable of managing temp swings that extreme.

    • Alejandro Pacheco
      Alejandro Pacheco

      We aren't here to do your homework, go search on google or play kerbal space program to understand that

    • Matt Clinton
      Matt Clinton

      Hint: asking dumb question is not smart and gives zero insight.

  • Captain dragon
    Captain dragon

    3:20 "not like hydrazine" Me who works with hydrazine "haha y e a h"

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    get with it! technology is the key. its the way to go. if stuff goes sideways its to late anyway. heehee

  • Mark Trump2021
    Mark Trump2021

    😂 you think we still LANDED ON THE MOON. WOW. CANT believe people still believe this. Look at the oil container being crushed by low pressure. Now imagine space at a quadrillion times stronger. Tell me the space craft was how thick? 3 sheets of tin foil. Your going to tell me the inside pressure to keep them safe it didn’t explode. Ok.

    • A Fox with a hat
      A Fox with a hat

      @James Earl not you

    • James Earl
      James Earl

      @A Fox with a hat I dont search for them, they just pop up in my recommendations, probably from watching Eric Dubay, ODD tv and the like. UZmilks weird algorithm thinks that because I watch F.E videos and F.Nasa videos that somehow means I might want to see some BS space agencies propaganda videos as well.

    • A Fox with a hat
      A Fox with a hat

      One genuine question, do you guys actively search for any Moon Landing related video? Or does it just pop up in your recommendations?

    • James Earl
      James Earl

      You are correct. And for those with eyes to see and a functioning brain to think, you can observe for yourself that the moon is not a solid object, its not made out of rock, the moon is clearly semi transparent, you can see blue sky through it during the evening and black sky through it at night. A common observation is also seening stars appear in the blacked our areas of a cresent moon, so are we supposed to believe that stars can shine through the moon? The best I've heard is that the moon is likely negatively charged plasma. But I encourage everyone to check for yourselves, go out this evening and observe the moon for yourself, than go out again after dark and notice the difference. Don't "believe" a stranger in a white lab coat over your own senses and experience.

    • Atlas

      @Mark Trump2021 Look at the pictures again. There are very clear radial streaks on the soil, caused by the exhaust gasses of the engine. All of the dust was blown away from the lunar module, not upwards as it would have been on earth, since there's no air to hold the particles up.

  • Samuel Freddy...
    Samuel Freddy...

    He had such a good camera back then

  • realvanman1

    23:05 Absolutely! The exact same should apply to airliner pilots. So many of the crashes could have been avoided or made less serious with truly skilled pilots at the controls.

  • Davide Sonzini
    Davide Sonzini

    16:46 Everybody gangsta till the spacecraft starts beatboxing.

  • Anton Voy
    Anton Voy

    yeah, what.. coolest part as the musical beat rat tat tat tat rat tat tat.. cha cha cha

  • Jeff Juarez
    Jeff Juarez

    Didn't you release this video a while ago? I feel like I saw all this a LONG time ago... but the date is only May 7?! Can my brain time-travel or am I completely loosing it?

  • Ascertivus

    19:21 WOOOOW!!! Amazing!

  • Ascertivus

    16:46 That thing's laying down a pretty sick beat!

  • Ascertivus

    The captions at 15:18 say "Is that daddy's girl or man go and let's see". That's _definitely_ not what anyone said. LOL

  • nohlina balacjug
    nohlina balacjug

    The smart bulldozer substantially scribble because criminal technically whirl pro a abandoned fighter. plain, squeamish dinghy

  • AnyTwoWillDo

    Glad you didn’t show this back in 2013. China would have taken this idea!! Please don’t call me racist because I am part Chinese. I am loyal to freedom America.

    • Ryan Miller
      Ryan Miller

      Nothing racist about it. The Chinese government is notorious for stealing other country's ideas. I agree with you.

  • Tony Suda
    Tony Suda

    @19:20 Does anyone remember the game moon lander?

  • jugb93

    And yet nasa chose space x to build tbe lunar lander.

  • Stitch

    Was the EGCT gimbaled such that the thrust was always normal to the ground or was the angular difference during maneuvers limited enough to not create much of an additional horizontal force vector that required compensation by the other thrusters?

  • Ádám Zovits
    Ádám Zovits

    The subtitles are full of unintentional jokes, like at 15:17 - "Daddy's girl", 19:00 - "Immature increase", 20:16 - "We haven't sought, flooded anything on the Moon", 21:16 - "all lender people", 25:15 - "I love KUBICO". Can a human with enough rights to change them please give the subtitles a once-over?

  • Roger Beck
    Roger Beck

    i have watched this AGAIN, it is brilliant. Thank you Destin.

  • Nathan E
    Nathan E

    I think they could make some sort of submersible lunar lander and practice under water.

  • VegetaFH1

    Software is great but hard stick training should always be a priority, also training the astros on that software should also be a thing, you can never have enough redundancies in a system that involves a human life, esp since landing on any surface involves so much time effort money and manpower in general The astro needs to be able to flick a switch and turn it into manuel if the astro notices something the software doesnt, simple as

  • Máté Ócsai
    Máté Ócsai

    You never stop amaze me with this childish admiration towards science and all these small/simple things which would change our life eventually. You are still the best after so many years Destin.

  • Maruf Rezwanul
    Maruf Rezwanul

    Honestly NASA ain't got nothing on space x

  • ChuckyLarms

    Starship came in like a wrecking ball to this. Seems like NASA is still in love with Apollo and trying to recreate it, just look at SLS. They tried to remake the F1 engine for Pete’s sake. To me, SpaceX is taking a modern and forward thinking approach to these problems

    • ViloOlivVilo

      You know that NASA has chosen SpaceX's Starship to be the lander to land the next people on the moon, right?

  • DasVERMiT

    How much cool unpublished footage are you sitting on?....

  • David

    24:37. This discussion was already decided decades ago with auto land systems in aircraft. If you permit a passenger aircraft with hundreds of passengers on board, to land by computer control in blind flying/fog conditions, do you want the pilot to be able to override and fly manually? The answer was yes then, and it is yes now. Even if that override is to abort, the decision and monitoring loop is the same. The lunar lander will apply the same logic. There can never be a system where ONLY the automation is qualified to land.

  • History Yatra
    History Yatra

    Thanks for the digging this footage out of the archives! Someday I hope you'll consider doing a video about the S-IC test stand that provides such a stunning backdrop for the test footage. I would love to see that!

  • -(MAX)-

    whats happening to those teams now that spacex's starship is the designated HLV. Are they helping out there?

  • -(MAX)-

    please make as many videos on artemis and the like as you can. It might not get the most views currently, but those videos will probably pay for themselves once there is more interest around thanks to us landing on the moon again

  • The Big Red 21
    The Big Red 21

    I think the question of should we have humans or AI controlling the craft when landing, I think it should be both. We should have it so the AI is default controlling it to land but if the pilot says “that’s a little to close for me I want to do it my self” they can switch from AI to stick cause AI are more calculated but slower then humans (which could have possibly waste some resources needed for later) cause they have to run through their programs and codes while humans are more faster at it but could be more prone to mistakes (with practice it would maybe be different) so both have their own pros and cons but if you don’t have both if you are off with one landing there could be another landing where it would have been better with the other one, and if you have both there’s no problem with that

  • B

    Seems to me like reinventing spacex falcon?


    Doing something with radio frequency

  • Keith Brown
    Keith Brown

    Fascinating video I get real excited about this stuff my dad let me stay home from school to watch the first moon landing I can’t wait to see it happen again thank you so much for this video

  • Ek Seng Ng
    Ek Seng Ng

    what about space X?.no collab with them?

  • Rhys Morgan
    Rhys Morgan

    Screamers on the tethers. A bouldering competition T-shirt on the engineer. Bringing their hobbies to work much? Excellent. 😁

  • Ryan Jimenez
    Ryan Jimenez

    This guys going to be the first on mars

  • Bcneverworks RBLX!
    Bcneverworks RBLX!

    4:17 start

  • preben ølkær
    preben ølkær

    ADDRESS THE REAL ISSUE !! THEY ARE USING WATER TO FLYYY!!!! All this "safe the climate" they know how to do it.. And they are just earning money on ECO products on the people.. !!

  • SpeedrunnerG55

    how does this change with starship?

  • krige

    What's the brand and model of the hard drive at 3:22?

  • Galactis

    Actual flight experiences are 1000x better than just seeing something done.

  • Rick Pontificates
    Rick Pontificates

    Just amazing that they went to the moon with a computer that had less memory and less computing power than a cheap $10 calculator

  • Julian1701

    The lander sounded kinda like chitty chitty bang bang to me

  • jables3377

    16:45 OK, somebody has to incorporate that beat into a song for the channel!!!

  • anulbonecrusher

    Now that Space X's Starship has been chosen as the Lunar Lander, what would you want from that now? Still the same? Is starship even designed in a way to allow a human pilot to operate it even if all controls are added?

  • bradar bradar
    bradar bradar

    this comment has nothing to do with this video, but i'm commenting it here because i just watched a video by veritasium about measuring the speed of light. you kind of gave the answer when you proposed using wheeled optical fiber, because you could solve this problem by arranging the optical fiber like the slinky spring toy. i made this comment on his channel as well. maybe one of you two could do this experiment.

  • Mohammad Reyaz
    Mohammad Reyaz


  • Shawn

    Fun fact: the lunar lander WAS robotic. Excepting the Apollo 11 mission, where the ascent radar wasn’t switched off (and overloading the computer), the navigation computer was capable of completing the landing autonomously. The only intervention required by the pilot was in selecting the landing site.

  • Moein Taherkhani
    Moein Taherkhani

    About options for controlling the lander, I'm hoping that in the near future, with the surge in brain-computer interface technology (Thanks to Neuralink mostly!) it'll be feasible to control a lander (or many other semi-autonomous systems for that matter) merely by brain signals.

  • Guido Haverkort
    Guido Haverkort

    16:44 that felt like a music festival openings sequence

  • Teddy

    Me a ksp intellectual: *WASD*

  • William Andrews
    William Andrews

    Hey Dustin, is it possible to take say something similar to bungee cord attached to the top of the lander and apply just enough tension to simulate the different gravity of different planet's? just for the practice landing/flying

  • Andy C
    Andy C

    Hydrogen peroxide used for the might eagle was also used as a fuel for the Me 163 and the German type XVII submarine

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