How to Harvest Pecans (In Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 248
I hope you enjoyed learning about Pecan Harvesting as much as I did!
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History of Pecans
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    • BlendPiNexus

      you post a video, i'm gonna watch it. simple as that

    • Phil Marsden
      Phil Marsden

      Great video. Let me know if you ever want to do the same for coffee! I would love to see our harvesters in slow motion!

    • Xanlin Goehl
      Xanlin Goehl

      I really really love your videos. But buttered pecan is not my favorite. I'm sorry😅. Your dad's an amazing character

    • Danstrumentals

      Love your videos brother man! I download a few right before work everyday just to watch them on break

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  • Jas Jas
    Jas Jas

    Giant vibrator, making nuts drop from a trunk.

  • Katon hellenthal
    Katon hellenthal

    Hey this is smarter every day. Can we vibrate nuts together?

  • Reuz

    Pee-can that is how you say it

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    Best line "There's no squirrel here"


    0:22 smarter every dad

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    Ahmet Emre

    5:36 He looks like Tim Cook

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    Ahmet Emre

    4:52 i liked that text animation

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    Braeden Hansen

    Compression has left the chat at 6:38

  • Narbra

    I wonder if the pecans are starting to develop some natural defense mechanism against being shaken out and that's why the husks aren't functioning as expected anymore...

  • Vernon Hall
    Vernon Hall

    Man i love our country an the people in it Lord bless our farmers large an small❤️

  • Odielman

    I love all your videos, but especially the ones with your dad. He is such an interesting character, and just gives that extra something to the video.

  • Salty Deplorable
    Salty Deplorable

    Out of this entire video my only comment is "Man I miss Blue Bell ice cream"

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    David Bagus

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    David Bagus

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    neno bernard

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    Jimmy Panz

    so this is what Tim Cook does on his off day

  • Duke Silver
    Duke Silver

    "when you take pecans to people, and they say, these are the best pecans I've ever had"... The most humbling thing I've ever heard in my life

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    Don Cherney

    Is that Tim Cook?


    Tim Cook’s brother? 🤔

  • Orcaben1

    ngl, hate how you guys say pecans XD great video though!

  • Alex_2o9 NSS ::
    Alex_2o9 NSS ::

    They should just save time and have Brian Shaw shake the tree 😂

  • Puel🅥


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    3 POUNDS FOR 20 DOLLARS!!! OMG WHERE ????????

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    dam i love the text animations! haha

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    Hercules 55

    Do you mean to tell me that there is no high speed footage of the cracker?! You dropped the ball on that one my man! Love your videos anyways!

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    Spencer S

    Owners of a John Deere tractor would know this but I don't. What is a PTO?

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    Bloodfrost Gaming

    He looks like he loves his job, good for him.

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    Youssef Magdy

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    So this is the reason for the trend of women getting stuck in trees

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    Eduardo Mazoni

    I wish i could see those wide shots without youtube compression... beautiful video

  • ImARaptor

    Why did you not use the slow motion camera on the machine?! What a travesty, but very interesting! Thanks for making me smarter every day!

  • T P
    T P

    Sometimes the thought takes minutes, sometimes hours to come to my head, like this time: "hey, why I'm watchin Pecan harvester video on slomo at half past midnight"

  • Joseph Stealin
    Joseph Stealin

    You had me at giant vibrator

  • webherring

    Beginning of video, your dad looks like Benny Hill at certain angles!!

  • Michael Whinnery
    Michael Whinnery

    High speed camera on that nut cracker would have been sweet

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    Pecan is no longer a real word to me

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    C J

    Bought one . Hope my wife likes it

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    Isaacs Random Videos

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    Joe G

    If you could pick your neighbor, this farmer would go early in the draft. Bright, humble, kind.

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    Blake Owen

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    Destin should start a website called Pekahn Acadamy, like Kahn academy, but entirely for learning about pecans.

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    Joe Starr

    Episode of "how it's made' but at a farm!

  • The right stuffbizz
    The right stuffbizz

    Dude said “no there’s no squirrels 🐿 here” 🤣

  • The right stuffbizz
    The right stuffbizz

    Dang I was really hoping they could get that camera up in there and get a slow mo shot on how those pecans are cracked

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    Matthew Madej

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    n s

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    Jack Armstrong

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  • Matthew Kress-Weitenhagen
    Matthew Kress-Weitenhagen

    Destin... in California a'monds are harvested the same way. Notice I said a'monds not almonds. Before harvest almonds grow the same as pecans with husks, shells, and 'meat'. They become a'monds after harvest because the machine shakes 'L out of them...

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones

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    Uriel Banks

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  • Darren Wigfield
    Darren Wigfield

    I had some 80 year old HUGE pecan trees, but the squirrels ripped the pecans out before they opened/ripened. The few we did get were DELICIOUS!

    • Bonham Carter
      Bonham Carter

      Be strong. You got this!

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    William Carberry Jr.

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    Eugene Elkin

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    Impalic :D

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  • Cranky Unicorn
    Cranky Unicorn

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    Loukas Hareangas

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    Loukas Hareangas

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    Eric Reiter

    I bought a house 1 month before my wife gave birth to my first child. It wasn't a fixer upper but just had some minor cosmetic issues but I had no idea how much time and energy this little bandit was about to steal from me. 10 years later, I have 3 boys and I'm pretty that I'm a net loss for fixing things vs how much damage they're doing. But now they're at an age where the punishments are doing my chores. Oh they don't even know the fun they're gonna have in their teen years. I have a gravel (unpaved) driveway that is two car widths wide, and about 3 cars long. :)

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    Nico Mößmer

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    Stephen Anthony

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    Dhananjaya Marasinghe

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