How Neil Armstrong Trained to Land on the Moon - Smarter Every Day 250
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A very special thank you to Wayne Ottinger

Check out the AMAZING website by Ben Feist that synchronizes all Apollo data:

I had to find a lot of archival footage to make this video. Thanks to Devin for helping me find the original Apollo LLTV footage from Ellington.

A special thank you to for providing the footage and audio of the Neil Armstrong Interview after flying the LLTV.

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  • SmarterEveryDay

    We're going back to the moon, and we're going to need to train Astronauts how to land. This video is the result of trying to understand that control problem better. in the next video of this series, I'll show you footage from an actual NASA Lunar Lander software test I participated in many years ago. Also, I'd like to say express grateful I am to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon at . If you've never considered being a Patreon of Smarter Every Day, then feel free to click the link if you'd like to see what it's all about. If not, then no big deal! I'm grateful that you're here. Warm Regards, Destin

    • Science Revolution
      Science Revolution

      Do you know solar wind does not exist? Do you know the sun is not a nuclear reactor? Do you know the tide is not caused by the moon's gravity? Do you know the real black hole is between your lags? Do you know Van Allen Belts is a lie? Do you know moon and Mars missions are lies? Do you know LIGO detected gravitational waves are lies? Do you know wave-particle duality is BS? Do you know relativity and QM are BS? Do you know electromagnetism is half BS? Do you know earth magnetic field is not caused by molten core? Are you just read and accept without understanding true mechanism?

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      digital subliminal messages

      S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S My brother is a blend/ he likes to argue too / he'll argue facts/ but pick with, your own misinformation //

    • tomandlino

      Great video!! Thanks! I am a physicist and not a spacecraft engineer, so maybe my question sounds strange to the engineering guys. What I am still curious is why the xy movement needs to be a component of total trust controlled by tilt of the entire lander. Why not tilting just the engine and keeping the lander stable? Then ~6x the tilt on the moon compared to earth. OR use multiple engines (front, back, left, right) to perform xy movement, without needing to tilt the lander or components after all. Curious about your comments! Cheers

    • loejshep

      Hey Destin, great video. The video title currently says lading rather than landing.

  • kjm 1955
    kjm 1955

    You need a British Accent, that Southern drawl sounds like deputy dawg.

  • bBrain

    Why is there no video of the lander coming back to the command that's not a stop animation or from the training simulator?

  • Deval Maheshwari
    Deval Maheshwari

    Since the Lunar Lander is most probably going to be a starship, do they still need an LLTV equivalent?


    This dudes presentation is purdy weak ! A lot of dialogue with not much being said ! Overload of hot air !

  • Bob Wagemakers
    Bob Wagemakers

    I see a book about Escher. It would be great if you could find a way to make a video about his work.

  • RS

    Looking here from the UK, out of all the Billions living on Earth @ that time the perfect person was the "First Man" RIP Neil Armstrong

  • Zany Wabbit
    Zany Wabbit

    Videos like this just show us, that with the technology on the 60s, proves we never went to the moon

    • Errol Brown
      Errol Brown

      True....... IF one considers that airplanes aren't even real, physics is the imagination of dreamers and Neil Armstrong is CGI. Heck.... the moon isn't even real..... 🌚

  • Jared Wagner
    Jared Wagner

    People are so incredibly smart.

  • Michał M
    Michał M

    It's pretty amazing for me how the man in his age deduces what Destin is about to say (which was not obvious). Very smart guy!

  • GonzoForestMan

    Oh wow, it's amazing to see someone that was so essential to the training of our astronauts. I wish i could shake the hand of that man.

  • Dave Wilkirson
    Dave Wilkirson

    I'm an electrical engineer (retired) and I must say those engineers were very dedicated people. Yes today's engineers can and do build on their shoulders. It is important to promote science to the youth of America and the World. I was 12 when NASA reached the surface of our Moon and glued to the TV. I'm 64 now and no less fascinated than I was 52 years ago. Watching those 5 F-1 engines (Saturn Five) fire up will always be fascinating.

  • Robert Doran
    Robert Doran

    REASON NEIL ABORTED - I believe you will find there was a problem with one of the engines which is what causes it to roll to one side.


    1:44 AMONG US

  • Teeerexis09 Xbox 1
    Teeerexis09 Xbox 1

    Really great interview

  • Richard Bautsch
    Richard Bautsch

    Shame he never made it to the moon.

    • Jan Strzelecki
      Jan Strzelecki

      Except that he did.

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    (1969----1969------1969 ) The so called Landing was done. After 52 years there is no new landing a better more advanced and technological landing NAH!. well i dnt knw i dnt mind calling myself a fool cuz becuz thts what we are. They are trying for Mars Jupiter bla bla let us first show the real moon landing in this modern age.. Thats a piece of cake by now yeah .

  • Meme Vault Memes
    Meme Vault Memes

    Are there lunar rovers? Like mars but on the moon? If not, why?

    • Kit Canyon
      Kit Canyon

      The Chinese have one there now.

  • RettilianoVero

    Armfrog non è mai stato sulla luna, ha detto mio cuggino

  • Jim Devilbiss
    Jim Devilbiss

    The LLRF and LLTV were detailed in I think Popular Mechanics magazine but it may be in one of the other three similar magazines of the time. Popular Science, Mechanics Illustrated or Sciences and Mechanics.

  • Nihal Ansar
    Nihal Ansar


  • Lukas Ritzer
    Lukas Ritzer

    Check out the movie “First Man”. Great docudrama on this topic

  • Luke Armstrong
    Luke Armstrong

    I always used to think he was my great great great grandpa since we share the same last name (I’m 99% he’s not)

  • Borris Dorris
    Borris Dorris

    Harrier exist:

  • Bob Puckett
    Bob Puckett

    Great video.

  • Tech DIYer
    Tech DIYer

    6:14 "I didn't even know the X-14 was a thing, thats incredible!....... ANYWAY, it didn't work , neither did the helicopter." LOL

  • ~Reiji

    1:45 1:58

  • bez750

    Rip Michael Collins

  • Gregrs400

    I live very close to their centrifuge facility and see the centrifuge capsule sitting there.

  • Jack Groves
    Jack Groves

    Imagine there’s people alive right now that are so stupid they would watch this entire presentation and be like “they are lying we never went to the moon”. For people like that. We should get them all on a ticket and tell them they are going to the moon to prove it’s real. Then we just adjust the launch a little off and they can watch as they float off into infinite empty space

    • James Earl
      James Earl

      @SicIturAdAstra I am absolutely genuine in my level motionless plane earth belief, however I am willing to hear people out and give whatever they have to say an honest chance, so I will take your advice and contact RASC, I doubt they'll be able to show me anything that persuades me to change my current belief. I spent more than 30 years of my life believing in the globe, so I actually know quite a lot about that model already.

    • SicIturAdAstra

      @James Earl I really hope you're not genuine... You still should come visit it and learn about all the science we do, it's never too late to grow your knowledge. Or at least observe the Moon and planets through a scope. What about this "motionless earther" thing, is it genuine or some kind of modern troll?

    • James Earl
      James Earl

      @SicIturAdAstra Yes, the lazy rout is to just accept whatever is presented to you without question. Everyone was force fed the ball model since birth, it is much easier to just go along with it an never question it. Like every single level motionless earther, I grew up thinking I was living on a spinning ball as well, I discovered that the globe model was inaccurate in my adult life.

    • SicIturAdAstra

      @James Earl What's the connection with star wars? But you're right, it's far easier to stay in your ignorance, just never try to understand the world around you, it would be too much efforts...

    • Jan Strzelecki
      Jan Strzelecki

      @James Earl _Yes, but you can observe cycles in nature without knowing the source of the cycle, not knowing the source doesn't disprove the cycle._ But nobody is disputing the cycle. What we're disputing is your... well, actually, since you don't actually _have_ an explanation for the cycle, and we _do,_ it seems that your "theory" has a large and gaping hole here. _Yes, I agree, I dont claim to know what the moon is, I have some ideas, but no actual proof, only speculation._ You'll need to make up your mind here. You either _do_ know what the Moon is, based on certain observation, or you do _not,_ and can only speculate. _(the Moon) IS in fact translucent, again, stars are commonly seen in the blacked out area of a crescent moon,_ There you go, claiming to know what the Moon is, in direct defiance of your earlier statement about _not_ knowing what it is. And, again, those are not stars. Even if you don't believe that a bus-sized object in low Earth orbit can be seen from Earth, we have enough photos of the Moon taken with long exposure (enough to capture light of the stars, hopelessly overexpose the lit section of the Moon and even bring the shaded portion back in the view) to know that the Moon is a solid object. And that is true no matter what - even if you are right about everything else. _religions even use the star in moon symbol because of observation,_ Again - that "star" is the Sun. And that reminds me - if the Moon really _is_ translucent to the extent of letting the faint light of the stars through, what about the solar eclipses? There's no possible way for the translucent Moon to obscure the Sun during the eclipses the way it observably does. And that is true no matter what - even if you are right about everything else. _it is self luminescent, definitely does not reflect sunlight, an object reflecting light cannot change the properties of the light its reflecting,_ We've been through that before. Again, radiative cooling is not dependent on the presence of moonlight. That is a very well documented fact, and UZmilk alone hosts several videos demonstrating that this is indeed the case _and_ that the Moon is _warmer_ than the sky. And that is true no matter what - even if you are right about everything else. _it is round, but not a sphere_ Then why the craters (or whatever you think the craters are) on its edges are distorted as if the Moon _was_ a sphere? Why does the Moon look the same from _any_ vantage point on Earth? _You can't prove that those are craters on the moon,_ Oh, come on. You're being unreasonable here. Those things on the surface of the Moon _do_ look like craters, do they not? Unless you have a hypothesis that can explain better what they are, and what created them, I'm going to stick with treating them like craters, thank you very much, _and_ with treating the Moon as if it was made out of rock. I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to do better than "I don't understand how radiative cooling works". _every time nasa is asked for proof the fall short, lost the telemetry, recorded over the footage,_ The fact that you treat this _single_ event as two separate ones proves how little you know about the subject at hand. You see, the thing here is that the footage in question was recorded on the same type of tapes as the telemetry data, which is why it is sometimes described as "telemetry data", which makes it easy for charlatans to lie about it to people like you. The fact of the matter is that the only thing that we truly lost here was the marginally better recording of the first lunar EVA. We still have all the data, _superior_ footage of the same event shot from a second camera, and all the telemetry as well. And before you start objecting that not all of the data is on original tapes, this complaint is moot: if you can't prove the fakery using copies, then you wouldn't be able to prove it using originals, and if you _can_ prove the fakery using copies, then you don't need the originals anyway. Either way, it's irrelevant. And it's irrelevant no matter what. _destroyed the technology,_ I'm sorry, but what do you think they should've done with it? What do you think happens with tech we no longer use? Because I do - it gets destroyed. We used to be able to make the Concorde, but we no longer can, because, guess what? We destroyed that technology. I mean, sure, we _can_ build the next-gen supersonic jet liner today, but it wouldn't be the same design, and it wouldn't be using the same tech that the original Concorde did. In the _exact_ same manner, we _can_ build the next-gen Moon landing hardware (and actually _are_ building it as we speak), but, again, it wouldn't be the same as the _Apollo_ tech. _To make the extraordinary claims nasa makes you need to provide extraordinary evidence, nasa provides NONE._ I'm sorry, but that is simply not true. The American space program is among the most transparent government undertakings in the history of mankind. Records of the _Apollo_ program are exhaustive and readily available. The launches and orbital ventings were witnessed by hundreds of thousands. Activities in space were monitored in real time by civilian amateurs, scientists, and foreign agents around the world, many of whom used triangulation to locate their location, and would definitely have known if they’d been faked. Scientific results were - and continue to be - shared globally. We had the technology. We know how the equipment worked in intricate detail. We know how it was developed and by whom, and we know it would have worked. We also know exactly when each major component was produced, how much it cost, and where it was delivered. We know the procedures used in intricate detail - both in theory and actuality, and we know that operatives of the Soviet Union, China, and the UK (at the very least) were watching and listening, and they definitely were not in on any conspiracy. We know that every detail of the missions as described in NASA footage, photos, transcripts, and histories is consistent and logically cohesive, and that every argument put forth by Moon hoax conspiracists is ignorant, lazy, and often fraudulent. And if all that isn’t enough, we left retroreflectors on the Moon that are still used as part of the _Apollo_ Laser Ranging Experiment, and we’ve imaged all the landing sites in recent years with enough resolution to see that the flags are still standing. This is not 1972, and you are not some grandmother born in the age of the horse and buggy who simply can’t understand modern science.

  • Chuck Adams
    Chuck Adams

    Really cool interview and story thanks. I love seeing this. It is very likely that when we go back, in something like Starship, landing will be entirely computer controlled with zero opportunity for pilot interaction. Just too much happening too fast for people to control.

  • trash_ducc

    that apollo in real time site is crazy, you can experience what was happening 50 years ago down to the second, Crazy 🤯

  • UsteupidU

    Thanks for the video, see the one who design the lander

  • Simon Pruszynski
    Simon Pruszynski

    You getting lighter every sec to.

  • Humpty Dumpty
    Humpty Dumpty

    Nobody's going anywhere near the moon, waken up ffs

  • Carlos .Tato. Garcia
    Carlos .Tato. Garcia

    Beautiful episode

  • EmeraldTigress

    That speach takes place only a few months before I was born....

  • El Jocko
    El Jocko

    Hello Destin, my name is Callum, and i would just like to say thank you for all the effort you have put into all the videos you have done over the years. You have kept my brain active by watching your vids helping me get smarter every day. All the best to you and your family for the future mate. Kind Regards. Callum.


    I would rather go to Uranus

  • HillDoggy Dogg
    HillDoggy Dogg

    Dustin is an IIA Agent. That is why his channel has no so many subs and views. The Algorithm pushes people to his videos. So sick and tired of YT faking moves. Banning dissident channels, and news sources whilst promoting Internet (information) Interactive Activity assets to create LARPs.

    • HillDoggy Dogg
      HillDoggy Dogg

      @Kit Canyon No Agenda, that is a question you should ask Dustin. I'm not the one portraying myself as something I am not in order to lend out PR to the militarism, the US Government, and Defense Contractors whilst Dusting gets fame and money. The military lays out his itinerary and scheduling, while he pretends to be a regular Joe. HE SHOULD JUST BE HONEST and ADMIT WHAT HE IS!

    • Kit Canyon
      Kit Canyon

      @HillDoggy Dogg : And? What's your point? Or your agenda?

    • HillDoggy Dogg
      HillDoggy Dogg

      @CIA Dustin is literally a Pentagon Information Officer, and gets access to a US nuclear sub, NASA, US AF stealth jets, and the newest rockets and somehow people are dumb enough to think he's a grassroots youtuber who worked his way up. No, he's an IIA with an algorithm boost, unless these brainiacs want to start their own channel and call up the Navy to get access to a nuclear sub for over a week lol. Thanks CIA, I knew I would draw heat from his sycophants'.

    • James Earl
      James Earl

      @Atlas Keep on feeding your brain at the through like the live stock you are.

    • Atlas

      Keep on bitching.

  • AntNoodles


    • AntNoodles

      the voices won't stop

  • Boomistirr

    1:44 AMONG US

  • trash poopee
    trash poopee

    guys he said amongus

  • Sixth Dimension Music
    Sixth Dimension Music

    Didn't they know about the almost not existing atmosphere of the moon at that time or why did they propose a helicopter as a landing vehicle?

    • Atlas

      They didn't.

  • Mr Dick
    Mr Dick

    1:57 sus

  • Harry Anderson
    Harry Anderson

    Do you think that the lander trainers for the artemis Program will be software simulations rather than physical flying machines?

  • Kevin S. Piedra M.
    Kevin S. Piedra M.

    Really great content. Thank you.

  • Victor Marley
    Victor Marley

    why did they choose to use gimbals, instead of thrush vectoring?

  • ben ben
    ben ben

    Among us

  • Golf & Tesla
    Golf & Tesla

    interesting video. Thanks

  • Colin

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  • Meowski Senpai
    Meowski Senpai

    1:58 SUS

  • Jet

    "Do you think the engineers of 50 years ago were better than those of today" I'm sorry Destin, but that was a stupid question to ask, almost trying to put the old gentleman on the spot... Loved the rest of the video. It's brilliant how you were able to put together all this information in a single video and make it understandable for dummies like me.

  • Tim

    Nobody went to the moon.

  • Terrence Boyce
    Terrence Boyce

    RIP Michael Collins

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

    S R B When I save it / they pull the cash out of my pocket / using gravity / ... so, I'll eat,before the just lose, another $40 //

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones

    Niel never went anywhere but o Hollywood set

    • James Earl
      James Earl

      @Kit Canyon Herdur, cant wait till nasa builds hotels on Mars! I'm so excited, I'd go to mars in a nano second if I could. You nasa fanboys are funny, you believe nasa is playing with an R.C car and a helicopter drone on a "planet" 220 million miles away

    • Kit Canyon
      Kit Canyon

      @James Earl : LOL> You hoaxers can't ever seem to get agreement between you lot. Perhaps you should have conventions like the flat earthers, and have panel discussions and white papers of all your "data" so that you can create the final hoaxer narrative. Naw - hoaxers are big are actually doing much besides typing comments so I think a convention is out of the question.

    • James Earl
      James Earl

      @Atlas I know, it was Arizona, not Hollywood.

    • Atlas


  • Jan Broekhuisen
    Jan Broekhuisen

    Loved the material I had never seen before!! Thanks. And RIP Michael Collins

  • Joe Garcia
    Joe Garcia

    We could totally build the lltv out of someone's garage today. That's a mind boggling thought of how far we have progressed.

  • Jorge de la Torre
    Jorge de la Torre

    Dustin, love your videos. I’m curious about the Apollo style air locks like between the CM and LM. I’ve looked at them in person at the Huntsville air & space museum, and discussed with the staff, trying to imitate you with the Saturn core-memory modules. I failed, we could never figure out how the ‘grab hook’ or docking-hock, which is in the tunnel is gotten out of the way so that astronauts can travers from one vehicle to the other, and then reseal for separation. I’ve wondered about this since I was a kid back in the 70s, and from time to time I’ve looked at 3-D images to try to figure this out. I’ve watched you solve many harder problems on your great videos and I thought throw this out there to get some help from you. Ps. Also curious if more modern space craft use a similar system. i’ll keep watching and getting smarter every day.

  • Perry Diddle
    Perry Diddle

    I love your videos. But, this is too heavy for my feeble brain (no pun intended.). Maybe I’ll watch it a couple of times, teacher.

  • ProXSoldier

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  • TheArtyBartfast

    Not gonna lie - my jaw just hit the floor when I saw the live animated force vectors... It is so awesome to see my physics homework of yesteryear come (legit) alive as Destin tilts the helicopter toy in his hand! I immediately imagined my favorite professor, Dr. Mola's chalk drawings and equations springing to life before my eyes. So cool!!!!

  • Landen Ott
    Landen Ott

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  • M C V
    M C V

    This video didnt get nearly enough views or likes. Everyone knows that the LLTV was dangerous, but I've never seen anyone go this in depth to teach others. Thank you Destin and thank you Wayne for sharing this awesome perspective and information.

  • Robert Donnelly
    Robert Donnelly

    The best channel I can routinely watch and feel like I'm not falling asleep, thank you for your hard and diligent work , and I know God blesses you.

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    Michael Kern

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  • D Diver
    D Diver

    I think the early "control system engineers" are better than now, with limited literary and material resources, they have to solve physics, chemical problems, first formulate systems in calculus, then translate in machine language code, write them in the brain of mechanical-electronic systems that very complex they build, they must master the knowledge all at once

  • Mauro Coimbra
    Mauro Coimbra

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      Jeff Van Rooy

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    • Atlas


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    Antonio Hernandez

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    Mark VanRaam

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  • jamcdonald120

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  • MUlises PHuerta
    MUlises PHuerta

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  • Niko942

    NASA is not going back to the moon. China might and SpaceX might but not NASA. NASA has become so mired in bureaucracy and waste that it has been going backward for decades. They don't design engines anymore and they don't do manned flights anymore. This is the nature of government.

    • nicsandee123

      @Niko942 my bad I thought you were saying the landings were fake. I however do not suffer any such ailments as being addicted to the dreaded NBC Narrative or cognitive dissonance. I’m 53, I’ve seen plenty, as you do if you grow up on the ‘wrong side of tracks’.

    • Niko942

      @nicsandee123 If you think about it you'll see that cognitive dissonance can't affect just anyone, it can only affect those whose perceptions are largely false. If you're able to correctly understand what happens in the world, then there simply won't be a disagreement between facts and what you already know. However I have no idea why you're talking about 'hoaxers'. No one in this thread has mentioned any kind of hoaxes, except you.

    • nicsandee123

      @Niko942 you know that cognitive dissonance works both ways right? It has no bias, so it could be you that suffers from that most heinous of ailments? Every wonder why hoaxers keep harping on about shadows yet you can prove all that nonsense is wrong in your own back yard? Or better still find a piece of waste ground that catches the afternoon sun, bring a shovel, some rocks and a camera. It’s easy to do. So if one of the key elements of the hoax is the photographs and the shadows but yet it is utter nonsense, why should anyone listen to or place any credence on the rest of it? Food for thought perhaps?

    • Niko942

      @Atlas You see, you have no idea why you support what you support. You have no logical backing, no historical evidence, no moral justification. You just repeat whatever position the media tells you to and anyone who disagrees you turn to insults and empty posturing. I never said "taxation is theft" those are your words, not mine. By reducing to a meme, you tell yourself that you don't need to look at facts or evidence or even morality.

    • Atlas

      @Niko942 Are you still going on about this? It's over, dude. You think taxation is theft. That's beyond stupid. You lost, homie. Go home.

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    Boba Fett

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    What if I Were My Dog and My Dog Were Me? Designed to assist young writers in learning during the pandemic! Margaret Van Fleet.

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    Rock Hash

    This could explain some of the "UFO's" that have been seen just floating in place. I mean the government is 30 years ahead of what we know, admitted by the FBI or CIA. It was one of them, but I do remember talking about this in class at the University. Edit: Not sure about the crafts flying over 5000 mph and turning at basically 90 degrees.

  • Alluri

    is my memory tricking me or has the title changed at least twice?

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