Exploding Weed Seeds (28,546 fps Slow Motion)- Smarter Every Day 257
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Cardamine Hirsuta (Hairy Bittercress)
Arabidopsis Thaliana

The paper I was talking about:
Morphomechanical Innovation Drives Explosive Seed Dispersal
(Hofhuis, Hugo, et al. "Morphomechanical innovation drives explosive seed dispersal." Cell 166.1 (2016): 222-233)

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    • Requiem

      @KarsonNow no

    • KarsonNow

      Does grass have a sense of touch or is it mechanical?

    • JustKeith

      How hard would it have been to mention your buddy's name in the video? "My buddy _Jim_ sent me this video...

    • Requiem


    • Jesse Strong
      Jesse Strong

      When I watched this video all I could think about was how awesome God's design is, I believe he has made things like this to show his workmanship and for man to seek after the Great Designer

  • MaxiKevey

    "Explosive Seed Dispersal" that phrase is now living rent free in my brain.

  • Marc Reif
    Marc Reif

    Always been fascinated by these when they show up in my yard every year. Wanted to do this myself, but don't have the camera. Thanks!

  • Vishnu PM
    Vishnu PM

    This man took slow Mo magnified videos of weed and got sponsored by Google in the same video

  • Artist_Keena

    These grew on my front lawn. I took a swing of my rusty scythe on it and it was covered in sticky little green seeds. lol

  • Christian987

    ohh that grass is grow alot in my backyard they literally explode and my cousin always fear and scared everytime they played in the backyard because that's grass

  • What’s Poppin
    What’s Poppin

    This was a really great video! It was so cool seeing how the seeds came off the plant.

  • david vickers
    david vickers

    I swear every "genius" in time has simply observed nature and put that knowledge into a practical application. Like an apple falling from a tree. The wings of a bird......

  • Dustin De Salvo
    Dustin De Salvo

    The slap bracelet was the first thing I thought of once the shot was clear. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a video from you. Sorry about that, just life in the way. Good to be back watching these videos. God bless🙌🏼🙏🏼✌🏼

  • Muhammad Zulkarnaen
    Muhammad Zulkarnaen

    Over my country there is similar wild grass that do the same thing with what you showed in the video. The difference is... they only explode if you introduced water to them. I believe the plant is originally came from central america. You guys probably already know it as Ruellia Tuberosa meanwhile here we call it as Kencana Ungu, although if you ask natives here they may also called it pletekan or ceplikan this name came from how they sound when they explode.

  • feedmewifi _
    feedmewifi _

    A. thaliana is literally the most well-studied plant

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres

    The one thing I am still curious is how it builds the tension or the energy that is released? I guess another thing I am curious about what mechanism is it the releases it? For example like a latch or trigger on a catapult. Great Video!

  • Prashant Singh
    Prashant Singh

    I came here for weeds.. but guys belive me the thumbnail is fake , if you came for weed!

  • gambainhacks

    That cool

  • funnezenuckl0rz

    "I want you to resist the temptation to just fast-forward to the slomo" - well... you tried.

  • Kazuka68 YT
    Kazuka68 YT

    the exploing ones I know are those that explode in water

  • SL Bikers
    SL Bikers


  • Dutch Parisien
    Dutch Parisien

    That's really awesome. Thanks for the video and stay safe ✌️

  • Vishal Ayyagari
    Vishal Ayyagari

    I love how he used "weed" in the title.... Just attracts a lot of stupid people out there... including me😂

  • KM683250

    The Ohio State University has an Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center. I think that would be a fun place to visit for a future video if you're interested. I mean, I'm interested now!

  • MrVipitis

    You approach to education is what I was taught in school. And I have been really fortunate to having had such great teachers. I hope that further education can be more of this discovery process. your channel delivers tho. I thought the thumbnail was on wheat eaters again. Perhaps you do use that in the future. Wheat eaters versus springing seeds.

  • Kevin Barnard
    Kevin Barnard

    The "sweet spot" between the unknown and knowledge? There's a famous moment in scientific history that that moment gets its name from: the Eureka moment.

  • Nobelissimos

    I hope Destin sees the irony of his google sponsor. Google is pure evil and censors and controls people like crazy. Remidner that they gave china the techology to censor their whole country to block out tinamman square.

  • David Exequiel Palavecino
    David Exequiel Palavecino

    10:00 Las Malvinas son Argentinas. Saludos Destin!

    • PepeTécnico 852
      PepeTécnico 852

      Las Malvinas Son Argentinas

    • Cosme Fulanito
      Cosme Fulanito

      Son Argentinas

    • Cosme Fulanito
      Cosme Fulanito

      Las Malvinas

  • Rickbearcat

    This mechanism used by the plant is amazing, thanks for making this.

  • JayWill1000

    Too bag google is corrupt. My question is what is the trigger mechanism ? It appears vibration or movement triggers the explosion but what is holding this together before it explodes ? How much pressure is required to activate ? Great video as always !!!!!

  • JustDrew P
    JustDrew P

    It’s like a microcosm for how the universe was made

  • ShikamaruXT

    Think about it. A plant came up with the idea, of launching its seeds with centrifugal force. Go back to school, Kevin. Karen, u too.

  • chinmayee lm
    chinmayee lm

    Woooooowwwww.... Brilliant shots!!! I really enjoyed how you go through the process improving the shots!

  • Andrew Shoupe
    Andrew Shoupe

    “It’s a reverse banana peel slap bracelet *what can only be translated as a screeching, wheezy, laughter*

  • David Avant
    David Avant

    Sorry…. I don’t have time to enjoy the journey of discovery. I MUST know how seed pods explode RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW! 😡

  • Jeb common
    Jeb common

    Very informative information. Really cool. Great work as always.

  • Kyran Grant
    Kyran Grant

    I am not going to lie....I love learning things with you and going on the learning journey 😁 thank you

  • Higenberg

    Smell like really pretty grandma ☺️☺️

  • Cmdr Riotz
    Cmdr Riotz

    Dad: What did you do today? Me: Watched a 12 minute video of grass ejaculation. 😂

  • Mateusz Mench
    Mateusz Mench

    4:58 - my 30 yr old car xdddd Destin. Your laugh is great.

  • Krish Umang Patel
    Krish Umang Patel

    I thought my grass just had jumpy bugs but it's seeds...

  • GACHA-Kaci&robotdesfan! Robloxs trains and more!
    GACHA-Kaci&robotdesfan! Robloxs trains and more!

    Imagine the seeds explode and seeds down and a seed grows and explode a seed again and again and again and again..

  • joão pedro alencar
    joão pedro alencar


  • Karan Tarade
    Karan Tarade

    I am the only one who was expecting some different type Weed here??

  • James

    me explaning to my mom why i got a failing grade 6:25

  • Jason Weakley
    Jason Weakley

    Lmfao it's a reverse banana peel slap bracelet 😂😂😂

  • AA -12
    AA -12

    Weed has now artillery anti hand

  • Naashi Irisartar
    Naashi Irisartar

    Vive la consommation merci youtube d'incruster tes merdes, et oui des merdes dans le travail des autres, mothers fuckers only stay on YT

  • Giovanni Migliaccio
    Giovanni Migliaccio

    More Easter egg google tricks please

  • Mr Mooch
    Mr Mooch

    lold at the hammer scene


    I have seen weeds that explodes 5 second later after we spit or paste our saliva onto the weed 😀 ,its funny

  • Revilo

    watching this when u suffer from severe grass allergies hurts my body immensely LOL

  • Chris Handsome
    Chris Handsome

    I used to be fascinated by these little seeds and seeing just how fast they all shoot off. Love your videos, bruv!

  • Greyson Gladney
    Greyson Gladney

    Love your videos but.... thinking critically in today's day in age.... Google suppresses so much info they don't like.... regardless of truth... you cannot accept what they present as evidence.... ever....

  • João Santos
    João Santos

    Nature is awesome :O


    What a world!

  • Taylor Hanley
    Taylor Hanley

    What music is this? My fiancé wants it playing in the background at our house lol


    So what is the trigger release mechanism. What gives and why/how? Yes vibrations but why it release??

  • Techno Kid
    Techno Kid


  • Jack A
    Jack A

    Google sponsoring a video for misinformation? What a joke.

  • Ramon Santiago
    Ramon Santiago

    Loved the video and scientific method. That being said, I find it ironic that you speak of Google and misinformation in the same sentence.

  • Seishin HUN
    Seishin HUN

    litlered bug : "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet" :D

  • Pongant

    This is no grass, it's a bittercress of the genus Cardamine. They are dicotyledons of the Brassicacean family, not Monocots! Species of this genus do all kinds of awesome stuff, aside from their "explosive dehiscence". For instance, many species burrow their organs underground. Some burrow their shoots. Some burrow their leaves. Some burrow their fruits.

  • Classic Riki
    Classic Riki

    Not sure what your point about the Falklands was exactly? There’s a perspective you forgot to mention…the population of the Island who voted to remain part of Britain in an absolute landslide. It was British then and it’s British now 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

  • Not Bendy Snowball's Alt
    Not Bendy Snowball's Alt

    Its official: You can't say that Destin has never touched grass

  • colton carmody
    colton carmody

    Arabidopsis thalania was actually one of the first plants to have its entire genome sequenced.

  • colton carmody
    colton carmody

    Believe it or not, weed science is a real thing. I studied in college and weeds are really interesting from plants that can produce 250,000 to 1,000,000 seeds per plant, seeds traveling hundreds of miles through wind dispersion, to natural genetic variations to overcome herbicides.

  • Self-Education Methodology
    Self-Education Methodology


  • Ian Gomes
    Ian Gomes

    Uh nature is si beautiful ❤😍😍 thanks for these shots derek😍❤

  • Kyle Kraft
    Kyle Kraft

    How can you watch this video and say "There is no God?"

  • bob sled
    bob sled

    I dont think the acceleration of the curling is the entire factor for release, I would imagine that whatever is acting as an adherent is also being stripped away as the curl occurs; much like peeling stickers off a roll of parchment paper Edit: Well, or you make a comment to only have your point made 30 seconds later in the video

  • Bryan Mills
    Bryan Mills

    Definitely earned a like on the video for "it's a reverse banana peel slap bracelet" XD

  • james bivens
    james bivens

    Science is EVERYWHERE

  • Dartheomus

    Awesome video! How do these mechanisms evolve! I can clearly see the advantage of this seed pod design over others, but to make that initial leap to a seed pod that has the fundamentals of this design incorporated... that's amazing.

  • Tom Breneman
    Tom Breneman

    Google is not what you expose, it is a corrupt being selling your information and getting richer.

  • David Plater
    David Plater

    do you where blue because it contrasts with your skin colous?

  • Rajwanul Islam
    Rajwanul Islam

    Oh! That's great 😊

  • Richard Turner
    Richard Turner

    About fell on the floor when you said reverse banana peel slap bracelet, same exact thing I thought on the highspeed

  • The illusion of time
    The illusion of time

    You sir, are officially a nerd.

  • feygor

    The lesson on thinking critically when researching information is my favorite part of this very fun video

  • Brian Bell
    Brian Bell

    Liberal sellout

  • Mohan Vikram Singh
    Mohan Vikram Singh

    Does this happen with the wind aswell or only touch?

  • gravey07

    Loved your explanation using the bracelets and banana. More videos please. Thankyou

  • tony talley
    tony talley

    Always wondered about this popping grass and then there was Destin! 👊🏼😎

  • Christopher Northcutt
    Christopher Northcutt

    “They smell like a really pretty grandma.” Stay away from my grandmother.

    • Toasty the Toaster
      Toasty the Toaster


  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones

    Of course the seeds fly off because you brushing over them duhh

  • Prasad Vernekar
    Prasad Vernekar

    It was worth watching the entire video discovering the unseen, than just fast-forwarding to the final slow-mo clip 🤩

  • Kayanna Martin
    Kayanna Martin

    God's creation never stops amazing me

  • The Cunundrum Channel
    The Cunundrum Channel

    Its a reverse banana peel slap bracelet. Ah yes, very science yes. I love it

  • John Duffy
    John Duffy

    Your enthusiasm is very contagious...please, keep spreading it

  • Quark Hammer
    Quark Hammer

    i wonder how a mechanism like this developed. what pre-stages must have succeeded in evolution to finally become this perfect seed spreading machine

  • juicyNathan

    Спасибо за видео, комментарий в поддержку вашей работы

  • Zubair Khan
    Zubair Khan

    When he says its a reverse bracelet banana peel 😂

  • Texas Swift
    Texas Swift

    Very cool video. You definitely have Cardamine hirsuta(exploding) and not Arabidopsis thaliana(non-exploding). I need to go find some in my back pasture and teach my daughter about this.

    • Ran. glacialis
      Ran. glacialis

      Yes! As a botanist it really bugs me that he made a video about this weed that is getting well over a million views but just called the plant Arabidopsis! He could just asked anybody who knows a little something about botany and they could have corrected him before he uploaded the video. Now plenty of people will believe the weed with exploding seed pods in their garden is Arabidopsis.

  • Tizian Vogelhuber
    Tizian Vogelhuber

    Please never stop making these awesome videos!

  • lordtear

    Reminds me a smaller version of touch-me-not plant seeds (Impatiens capensis). I loved those as a kid and still love them as an adult. Awesome!

  • aravel arts
    aravel arts

    Why the heak ia google sponsoring videos its like the most famous thing ever

  • Bozeman42

    I was not ready for that peel and fling. Wow

  • Rusty Raven
    Rusty Raven

    Very cool. But those “small red bugs”? They look suspiciously like tics to me.

  • ᴡᴜᴛᴢᴍʏɴᴀᴍᴇ シ
    ᴡᴜᴛᴢᴍʏɴᴀᴍᴇ シ

    Literally reading my mind about fast-forwarding to the slow motion. You caught me so now I have to watch it in it's entirety. 😕

  • Mohd Rafiq Mir
    Mohd Rafiq Mir

    Allah u akbar

  • Ken Mutuma
    Ken Mutuma

    I clicked on this with other ideas for exploding 'weed' seeds..

  • Jakub Čunek
    Jakub Čunek

    0:50 I didn't catch anything said in the video being wrong. Was there anything?

  • VirtualGobllim47

    "It's a reverse banana peel slap bracelet" was strangely the more precise way of defining it

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