Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second) - Smarter Every Day 238
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What’s it called? Weed Eater, String Trimmer, Weed Wacker, Whipper Snipper?
Google Trends map here:

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Star shaped line
Cyclone Brand
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(I couldn’t find Shakespeare for a good price on Amazon but here is the style I tested)
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Project Farm Tested Durability: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVJz7...
He tested other considerations here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=89BkJ...

I thought this was a well written break-down of different shapes: www.saraheberle.com/understan...

It’s interesting that so many different companies have their own proprietary shape etc, but I can’t find any scientific research to back any of it up. Fascinating!


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  • SmarterEveryDay

    Robert subscribed then hit the bell. Be more like Robert. In all seriousness I was impressed by how quickly he came up with a well thought out, nuanced hypothesis without even a moment’s notice. Huge thanks to Robert. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Thank you! Destin

    • Leictreonaic

      There is one more you didn't try. I heard some people use zip ties in place of trimmer string. Wrap a few large zip ties around and see what that does.

    • Bustah2016

      Does it eat weeds? Is there a mouth on the end of the line. Or does it whack the weeds. I called it both. Being from Michigan now live in Texas. We called it weed whacker. Now I call it a weed eater. So I think whacker would be right terminology because it whacks the weed and doesn’t eat it.

    • John C. Newman
      John C. Newman

      May I ask why you weighed the grass down, holding it taut, when grass in situ tends to not be weighed or taut?

    • Thạnh Phạm
      Thạnh Phạm

      Stupid science Science doesn't know Jupiter growing up to create the Sun. The Earth is about to have two Suns. Earth is constantly expanding, Evidence is that Hawaii volcanic lava is constantly erupting, Jupiter ' s magnetic field is 20 times stronger than the Earth ' s , so Jupiter expanding is 20 times faster than Earth, Jupiter future grewup creating the Sun

    • Luke Egan
      Luke Egan

      In Australia we call it a whipper snipper

  • CoCo Coldy
    CoCo Coldy

    The end of the line is gonna hit harder. Just like the end of a baseball bat hits harder than the middle. Edit: so there’s variables still there

  • FloatingToa5t

    washington here, its a weed wacker

  • Wade Clark
    Wade Clark

    I think your experiment was done very well I have always said A-sharp triangle or square is good and also maybe next time you can try using paper. Why? While paper is more uniformed paper would show the cutting process, would show also how it works and be uniformed and not different like a blade of grass is.

  • Prevenge IX
    Prevenge IX

    If it's a cardioid but not a cardioid it's called a carde b oid.

  • Cardicianist

    They are *WEED EATERS* 😁👍

  • keegs clark
    keegs clark

    Higher speed vs lower speed on the quality of cut would also be a cool part 2

  • Sirikin

    There is another test I think you should have done. Pick out 100 - 1000 sqft area of grass and see how long it takes you to go through each one which each line type and also give an idea of the "feel" of cutting with each line.

  • j s
    j s

    I'm from New England. It's a week wacker.

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E

    Have you considered aerodynamic effects?

  • Kyle Lawhon
    Kyle Lawhon

    Weed eater

  • Ill Gotten Gaine$
    Ill Gotten Gaine$

    Funny you say up in them little states. We call it weed Wacker. You say most call it a weed eater but up in these little states aka new england is were most of the population resides.

  • Michael

    I wonder if the star pattern grips the grass best, allowing the cutting edge to stay consistent while not allowing the blade of grass to fold or shift as much? Also, this Michigander calls it a weed whacker. :P

  • Spencer Dahl
    Spencer Dahl

    So strange, I grew up in oregon and called it a weed whacker. But I will obey and refer to said tool as a weed eater. smarter everyday 👍

  • Leictreonaic

    You're all wrong. It's called a veggie whipper snapper snipper. 5x fast!

  • Glasstraxx

    whipper snipper!

  • Luis Sigaran Jr
    Luis Sigaran Jr

    missed opportunity. not sharp sharp square it's sharp Squared XD

  • Chad Franks
    Chad Franks


  • Jesse Spika
    Jesse Spika

    I had never heard it called a weed eater before XD

  • David Earley
    David Earley

    I enjoyed the episode, but loathe the expression” moving forward “. For some reason, it irritates me.🤣

  • Rick DeBacker
    Rick DeBacker

    Great video and Robert is a Boss!

  • J

    We use circular saw blades here. All you need is two adapter rings and your good to go.

  • Kenneth Sizer
    Kenneth Sizer

    *THIS* is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.... not to mention standing and staring at rolls of line for embarrassing amounts of time. You are the man we need, Destin!

  • Kyle Hammon
    Kyle Hammon

    Another issue to consider: the machines also deposit micro particles of plastic along their path.

  • Chaz Spellman
    Chaz Spellman

    In the islands it’s called a bush cutter

  • Matt Nemeth
    Matt Nemeth

    The only thing that matters is how durable the line is. All of those line types are gonna work fine as far as cutting goes. What matters the most is how often you're restringing

  • Honcho

    Its a weed wacker

  • audhen1

    in germany we call it a "Freischneider" Freecutter/clearcutter because it clears the area

  • Andrew Elias
    Andrew Elias

    If Robert doesn’t make another guest appearance for a lawn care episode, we riot.

  • Mikki Singh
    Mikki Singh

    Thank you for this awesome video. I love mowing my lawn but at the same time I love everything down to a science. Also it was awesome how you got a lawn guys opinion and some trimmer line from him.

  • David

    its not weed eater, in balkan we say flakserica

  • J. Dye
    J. Dye

    They will all cut grass. What I want is the line that breaks the least.

  • William Chamberlain
    William Chamberlain

    0:32 *_Strimmer,_* you heretic

  • BiG BeAR
    BiG BeAR

    One main problem I see is the tension put on the blade of grass. In the “field” the blade is sorta just hanging there freely, I think it messed with the dynamics of the cut by putting the blade of grass under tension…and we’d see very different behavior if only one end was held in place and the other allowed to dangle freely.

  • gobo161

    was is smoky from the light? 11:28

  • hilham 89
    hilham 89

    They have a triangle shape like a pyramid that I had someone give me years ago and I can't find it anywhere. It was the best I had ever used but I actually use the titanium until I find something else. There has been so many different kind of string since this video though.

  • hilham 89
    hilham 89

    I call it a weed eater, I have heard other names shown along with grass trimmer....

  • Giuseppe Pende
    Giuseppe Pende

    There's only one method to discover what shape cut better: using it for hours and hours cutting grass ;)

  • Heath Ledger
    Heath Ledger

    I love how fun these videos are for both him and me lol

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson

    What did Robert say???

  • Bryan Holder
    Bryan Holder

    I would love to see this but with the saw blade and chain saw blade style attachments for weed eaters and how they cut grass and then small tree saplings or thicker weeds. Sort of like what Project Farm’s “best brush cutter blades 2021”. That would be awesome.

  • Rick Mink
    Rick Mink

    Great video. Robert was just the icing on the cake

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black

    I love Robert’s humility when he doesn’t consider himself an expert, yet works with a string trimmer 8-10 hours per day. Compared to me, a weekend warrior, he’s a freaking professor in the art of weed wacking! ❤️

  • RanGer498

    So it eats weeds? Cool that means no clean up.

  • Whitewater11

    I am late to this game but I love the video and would absolutely love to see this test repeated on dry grass of various shapes. Blades of different density, shape and dryness. Due to fire danger where I live I mow until early June but metal blades become a fire hazzard when things dry out so I switch to a string trimmer when this happens and much of my work is on dry material. Really curious how these results would differ.

  • addictedtopussy69

    What Robert said about the lines sure is an eye opener. Made me think. Weight, line speed, etc.

  • Edgar Bravo
    Edgar Bravo

    What i go by is can you cut forward and backward meaning can i walk forward and cut the sane as walking backwards. We run echo orange and we can cut both ways, i tryed the echo black diamond and it only cuts good when you walk backwards.

  • Colton Workman
    Colton Workman

    This guy has to much free time

  • Roger and Lynda Beall
    Roger and Lynda Beall

    Round line is the best. because it tears the grass, it also throws the cut grass away, leaving the uncut grass to cut. Have you ever used a steel disc with sharp blades? The cut grass does not get swept away and piles up under the cutter making it impossible to see where you have been.

  • NewAx_Productions

    Its funny i live in utah and call it a weed whacker lol

  • johnnie cameron
    johnnie cameron

    I like the orange string ,,,thats what i use

  • Jack L
    Jack L

    whipper snipper

  • Seth Haun
    Seth Haun

    Speed and balance star ..

  • Seth Haun
    Seth Haun

    The black sthil brand and those Attenna' styles suck to its marketing.

  • Steven Bemrose
    Steven Bemrose

    In AUS we call it (or at least i've always called it) a whipper-snipper

  • The Firehawk
    The Firehawk

    Pretty nice calling the dude to try and learn more

  • The Firehawk
    The Firehawk

    Weed wacker is more correct as the machine doesn't eat, ingest, vacuums or storea any weeds, it beats, or wacks, the weeds to cut them.

  • NWinn

    *Weed Eater* is a brand. So calling all of them that is the same as calling all tissues *Kleenex.*

  • Dennis Datin
    Dennis Datin

    My observation is that you are testing the grass under tension which it is not when you are actually weed eating.

  • Solo Aussie Off Grid Living
    Solo Aussie Off Grid Living

    In Australia we call it a whipper snipper... well we use to.

  • Chat Ejap
    Chat Ejap

    how about 🇵🇭 i say weed whacker

  • Ahmad Farhan
    Ahmad Farhan

    I call it mesin rumput

  • Sir Sweet
    Sir Sweet

    Whipper Snipper. That's my new word.

  • Charles Glaviano
    Charles Glaviano

    Been using that "Titanium" line for years. Does not cut as cleanly, but lasts significantly longer on properties with chain link and retaining wall stones

  • Malcolm Parkins
    Malcolm Parkins

    Labels can get confusing... they call it a bush cutter here.. which didn't make your google trend results... being from Maryland/DC, I remember weed wacker as a kid though...

  • Fred Rutledge
    Fred Rutledge

    I agree, just tell me which line lasts longest.

  • All About Roofing
    All About Roofing

    I love the way round smaller diameter rine cuts, but it's doesn't last as long. Try it once if you haven't, you might not want to go back to that heavy line for general trimming.

  • David Flores
    David Flores

    I want to know what string causes the least amount of damage to homes and fences. Try testing trimmer line(s) vs. various surfaces such as painted stucco, painted wood siding, painted cinder blocks, painted plastic siding, painted or unpainted fences, bricks, ect. Thank you!!!!!

  • Joseph Coates
    Joseph Coates

    It’s odd to me that NY was in the “weed eater” color but I’ve only ever heard weed whacker

  • Geriatric Pimp
    Geriatric Pimp

    Just to clarify, the revolutions per second of the wire will ALWAYS be the same depending on if you can control it (not familiar with weed whackers or eaters)....but if the revs per sec stay constant then the surface feet per sec at the tip of the wire will change depending on length.

    • Geriatric Pimp
      Geriatric Pimp

      My bad, ROBERT said less weight, and smaller diameter means less drag on the weed whacker so it's giving it a slightly faster RPM lol....look at me, struggling to comprehend what Robert said

  • Geriatric Pimp
    Geriatric Pimp

    Let's all subscribe to Roberts Channel lol....maybe he just might put out some interesting content

  • Budisan Samuel Fabian
    Budisan Samuel Fabian

    Thank you.

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball

    Im a weed eater as well.... but i prefer to shmoke it!

  • Cam Jones
    Cam Jones

    Star shape is the best stuff , it’s all I use

  • Joseph Ahn
    Joseph Ahn

    I'm calling it a whipper snipper from now on

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Let me just say, you have got to be the most socially adept person I've ever seen to inform masses. you're always so nice, considerate and full of compliments. The way you acknowledge everyone else's strengths is just amazing!

  • TheCCPfearsANZ

    I thought this was a project farm video for a second

  • Craig List
    Craig List

    i subscribed, and i will like and share!!

  • Chad Hubert
    Chad Hubert

    I think you should have tested it without the weight on the bottom as well. In real life you don't have something pulling the grass taut. The shape of the string may have more to do with it "grabbing" the edge of the grass than cutting it. You may see completely different results with each string type has to grab the edge of the blade of grass to begin the tear, rather than just knocking it over multiple times until it finally breaks. You could also test a few patches of cut grass at ground level to see if it looks cleaner with the various shapes.

  • Trey

    Robert should start a channel on weed whackin and such.

  • Greg Milner
    Greg Milner

    check your owners manual your Weedeater probably has a speed Winder head

  • MrBeans

    The list forget "String Trimmer". 1:49 The Grey roll in the bottom right hand corner. Cheapest and BEST Reinforced line u can find. This one lasts forever! I use it daily.

  • Matthew Palmer
    Matthew Palmer

    In Michigan when I was working there they called them weed whips a little lost when I started there

  • Beau Burchel
    Beau Burchel

    My name is Seth! And I will mow your yard.i made 220$

  • David Cornelius
    David Cornelius

    I wonder how well thin steel wire would do. Not too thin but not as thick as the regular plastic wire.

  • UnInfamous Alec
    UnInfamous Alec

    I’m in Utah, and I call it a weed wacker.

  • h h
    h h

    Where do these spool go after trimming grasses? Will the spool become microscopic particle, if inhaled, causing carcinogenic problem to the lung? And is spool generally biodegradable? If not, all these particle shredded left in the grass and will they pollute the drinking water system eventually??

  • JHenryEden


  • whatfreedom7

    14:44 third form the left ugly twist in .095 is what I use and half my yard is fenced. I get good results with good life compared to several other brands I’ve tried. I used rhino-tuff last time and it sucked.

  • Sam Pollock
    Sam Pollock

    Mate in Australia it’s called a whippa snippa

  • Paul Sutton
    Paul Sutton

    I use the cheapest whipper snipper string. Currently star shape.

  • LoganVPACountryBOY

    It’s weed wacker . Pennsylvania strong 💪 Love this channel. You should do something on the lawnmower how it cuts grass. Or how a wood chipper chips wood. Just and idea.

  • mark hall
    mark hall

    have you tested the Aero-Flex Universal Trimmer line

  • Karreth

    In Norwegian we call it "humle" - bumblebee. Probably because of the sound it makes.

    • Beer before Breakfast
      Beer before Breakfast

      I want to start calling my trimmers- "humles" now

  • MikeinCt

    I dont like any of the Stihl trimmer line, the stuff they give u with a new trimmer sucks, snaps off as soon as u hit something, looks like the like u mentioned the same thing about it breaking, but its orange. I tried the orange and black Stihl like, its like that green stuff trimmer dude gave u, I noticed that depending how fast I walked it would cut nice, but then dig in and scalp it, just like it was different heights, I just got some Echo black stuff im gonna try, ill get back to u with my findings. Its all 0.95 line im using

  • andrew

    Weed whacker

  • ParanoidPony

    My grandma calls them weewacks

  • Carson Benslay
    Carson Benslay

    I think the star minimized the chance of hitting a flat spot due to having so many different points.

  • Lane Holman
    Lane Holman

    Robert knew the assignment

  • Nick Clutterbuck
    Nick Clutterbuck

    I'd try cutting without the other end of the grass being held.. just to see if there's any difference..