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The Cook Museum of Natural Science. Plan your visit to see Kale here: www.cookmuseum.org/

Click here to donate to Kale's food and care: www.cookmuseum.org/kale/
(Cook Museum is a 501c3 and donation is tax deductible in the US)

The Cook Museum is a non-profit. If you'd like to help fund Kale's lunch bill I'm sure they'd be extremely excited to hear from you: www.cookmuseum.org/contact/

Dr. Christine Figgener
Support Dr. Figgener's Sea Turtle Research Directly: www.milkywire.com/impacters/78
Follow her research on UZmilk: uzmilk.info/limo/t4y...
She's on instagram here: instagram.com/cfiggener/
She's on Twitter here: twitter.com/ChrisFiggener

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Stranding Response Program is a fantastic organization. Reach out to support them and learn more here:

My visit to the sea turtle hatchery was setup by Massi at Explornatura. You can contact him at: www.explornatura.com/ If you contact him tell him Destin said to tell him "Pura Vida".

Dani and Valerie work at the Verde Azul Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Costa Rica: verdiazulcr.org/

B -Roll footage of the Cook Museum construction was created by Juergen Beck at Freedom Light Productions in Decatur Alabama. www.freedomlightonline.com/ .
His UZmilk channel is here:

Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
The songs used in this video were "Manatee" and "Leatherback" and "It's probably gonna be ok"


Visit this website and track individual Sea Turtles which are tagged with transponders: www.ocearch.org/tracker/?list

Here is information about the 7 species of sea turtles:

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  • SmarterEveryDay

    I hope you enjoy this video. My thought was to not make a "UZmilk video" style video.... but to make something I would be proud of for years to come. About a year ago I was presented with an opportunity to go to a sea turtle conservation center in Costa Rica. There I met Valerie, an amazing conservation researcher who has a true passion for sea turtles. When I returned home I contacted Dr. Christine Finniger who taught me more. When the Cook Museum told me about their amazing opportunity with Kale the endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, I was totally floored. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed the experience. Also, this is the first time DJI has sponsored Smarter Every Day. The Mavic Mini is going to be a great tool for upcoming videos. I've already shot a couple of things for upcoming videos with it. If you'd like to signal to them that you're glad they've decided to sponsor Smarter Every Day it would be awesome if you'd consider going here: →bit.ly/3ePEAjS ← and use promo code KLDE2Q87JZU9 to get 5% off when purchasing the DJI Mavic Mini or Mavic Mini Fly More Combo. They didn't tell me to put this in the comment section. I legitimately like the product and think you will too! As always, thanks for watching and supporting my efforts to learn all kinds of interesting things. I'm grateful for you. Regards, Destin

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      shadow stalk

      Ik I’m late but next summer I’m making it an obligation to go see kale...

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      Troy Stevens

      This has been my favorite video so far. I love turtles and this video touched my heart. I appreciate you on a family type level. My wife and I always sit and watch your show and think, "this guy has done everything" I seen this video and I decided that we were right lol. If we can save one turtle, that's what it's all about. Thank you for your interest in turtles and I'm glad we can share this love. Thanks also for the tears. Turtles are so innocent. Much love Destin. Sincerely Troy Stevens.

  • Hosen

    anyone else notice how all the coral is bleached and dead? :( that made me really sad ... theres one or two fish... where as there should be over thousands of different species in the same ecosystem

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    Poor guy with the straw in his nose. Owch.

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    Amazing video . You did a very good thing that you didn't only explain things about turtles, but you also advertised the learning camp at Costa Rica and the Dr website to help people do all that stuff . You are not closing it on yourself , no you are promoting others to do the same ... Great job

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    Lame to water down the turtle population with weak turtles.

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    Why don't they relocate the turtle rehabilitation center next to the pier with the fisherman are? Maybe they could even relocate the building under the pier, in the water. That way, they can just sit and wait there for a turtle to get hooked.

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    Dougy Doug

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  • Jason Firewalker
    Jason Firewalker

    Kale wasn't trying to get comfortable. Sea turtles don't have the neck muscles to hold thier heads up for long. Sitting at the bottom of a stinky plastic bin after a lifetime of sea breeze I can see why she was trying to get fresher air. Maybe elevate her with an upturned dish strainer and cut a hole in the bin.

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    why didnt i see this vid when it came out???

  • Jeffrey Ballard
    Jeffrey Ballard

    If we are saving 1000s of turtles that would have died due to natural selection, wouldn't it be be accurate to say that we are damaging the viability of the genetics of future generations of the turtles? or are these turtles deeper due to weather/climate conditions. And even if it was due to weather/climate, if natural selection doesn't occur aren't we causing more harm than good?

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    I had an awesome 4th grade teacher who was a Marine Biologist and went all over the world saving animals. She taught us everything from Elephant Seals to Sea Turtles, it's the only class I can really remember from grade school.

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    void light

    I had a really similar moment in hawaii, I turned a corner while swimming by reefs and there was a massive 5 foot turtle snacking on something, it looked like he turned his head towards me and nodded like" whats up man" . I wanted to stay and watch but i swam away as to not disturb them.

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    Wow.... Absolutely beautiful. I'm on the mechanical side of thinking also. When I see Kale's flipper, I see how it resembles a wind turbine blade. Man is very destructive towards nature, even though we need it to survive. I would like to see a series on cleaning our planet. - old vs. new, recycle vs. reuse. - Best physical ways to clean the oceans of plastic - Skimmers, filters, attached to all big ships? - Or would special collection ships / barges be better? - One big filter or net for storm drains before they're dumped back into the river in every city? - 100' tall nets around all land fills? - Best future laws or rules to keep the oceans clean? - Why is plastic used now, when we all know glass was used & reused in the past? Milk, soda, beer........ - What's the best way to dispose of plastic when it can't be recycled anymore? - Shred for landfill? - Incinerate? - What's more green? - Recycling plastic? - Local? - State? - National? - World? - Quit making plastic? - Bury plastic? - Burn plastic? Every answer seems to bring up more questions. I can keep going.

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    For hundreds of millions of years various evolutionary pressures have caused most of earth's life to be entirely wiped out only to lead to life recovering and continuing its constant change. Then modern conservationist decided they knew better than all of living history. People act as though humanity will lead to all life ending on earth but ignore that there are many species we have no interest in or have a domestic purpose that leads to the creatures being bred for that purpose. Its obvious at this point the ultimate goal of humanity is the dominance of the earth and nature is going to adapt to us the same it has to everything else. If you care about these turtles create a business model that helps them proliferate to meet demand. They breed lions for hunting and private ownership and now the species is less likely to go extinct. Be practical not emotional and things will actually get done

  • Serene Greene
    Serene Greene

    Just a bit of information that maybe some people are un-aware of; Fish hooks and the metal they are made of, are designed to deteriorate VERY quickly when left out in the environment. A design meant to protect US, and the other living things that may come in contact with them, if they are lost or incidentally un-retrievable.

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