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  • SmarterEveryDay

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    • Jessica Bell
      Jessica Bell


    • Filippo Bertolazzi
      Filippo Bertolazzi

      There's fire in the other shot too 9:50

    • Joseph Manjarrez
      Joseph Manjarrez

      Make, hitting a super sonic baseball with a ____mph baseball bat

    • Christian Newkirk
      Christian Newkirk

      Love you guys and the vids

    • Jonathan Mora
      Jonathan Mora


  • yui smith
    yui smith

    I learnt how a rifle gun is powerful, which has the 3 times faster speed of this cannon. Ah, I cannot help but complain the waste of gloves.

  • Rexford L
    Rexford L

    The fire comes from the heat of air compression between the basket weave glove and the baseball, probably igniting from fragments of the baseball and mitt leather that are super heated, same basic ignition that a diesel engine uses, but burning leather instead of diesel. Energy from you cannon is 90% of what a 50 BMG is putting out, 11,700 ft lbs vs 13,000 ft lbs for a .50 BMG!

  • Wingchun Li
    Wingchun Li

    BB was hit by a 1000MPH baseball. This is what happened to his heart.

  • CHUD Hunter
    CHUD Hunter

    Funny how everyone watching to see if it hit the camera and not the glove.. even me lol

  • Anonymous

    The thing about leather moving fast and fire - is that the faclcon punch essentally?

  • Jose Cazares
    Jose Cazares

    When smarter everyday takes a demolition ranch approach... I like it haha

  • space man
    space man

    Still waiting for this vs the mad batter. 🙏

  • Firland Exely
    Firland Exely

    present big bu big impact the future small but bigger impact

  • enoughofyourkoicarp

    Canon: "Move, pitch, get leather out the way!"

  • richard lopez
    richard lopez

    The useless lunch formally jog because lumber chronically strip via a hushed gore-tex. previous, clumsy minister

  • Michael Nichols jr
    Michael Nichols jr

    The super Sonic baseball Cannon versus a tree next time

  • Adam Cheek
    Adam Cheek

    How much would it change the outcome if you had hands inside the gloves? If you use ballistic gel to act like a hand and something to simulate bones.

  • Robert T
    Robert T

    Fire came from friction?

  • Iván Gábor
    Iván Gábor

    10:52 The ball has flames BEFORE impact.

  • Sobel

    The ball was on fire before it hit the glove.

  • Malaki Tity
    Malaki Tity

    it's going 1000 mph, of course it's gonna go tru the glove.

  • Malaki Tity
    Malaki Tity

    hit the dark guy

  • Rolando Story
    Rolando Story

    The jittery sleet reciprocally annoy because brand thessaly suck under a somber tip. reminiscent, remarkable computer

  • Pawel K
    Pawel K

    Amazing video. Great job guys. Enjoying this channel a lot as discovered just recently.

  • Yessir

    5:24 It looks like there’s a flame coming of the ball. It’s a heater 🔥🔥😳😳

  • Jaxon Cooper
    Jaxon Cooper

    Imagine this in ww3

  • Andrew Farmer
    Andrew Farmer

    Would love to see the absolutely insane 250 mph bat rig vs the super Sonic ball cannon

  • Milkb0t

    How much did this cost?! Where do you even store a supersonic baseball cannon after you're done making videos on it??

  • Carcathan24

    Now try hitting one

  • Lenore J Greed
    Lenore J Greed

    That's how hard I hit

  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James

    Please bring this thing back.

  • Payton Lenderman
    Payton Lenderman

    6;48 anyone else see the baseball on FIRE

  • Dr. Lazy
    Dr. Lazy

    Why did I think this was mark Robers vid

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand


  • Silver1080p

    The term don't try this at home is kind of ignorant. What makes you more qualified to do this random experiment than anyone else. I'm pretty sure your job background isn't baseball space engineer

  • Arockia J
    Arockia J

    Science always can predict everything but not accurate 100 percent but if we believe in God Jesus exactly we can predict like the last guy who predicted all the gloves very cool to be a Catholic Christian 😍😎 science always under God Jesus control . No scientist can move a Pinky without Jesus Holy spirit .Praise the Jesus

  • NeilDaGass Trysome
    NeilDaGass Trysome

    Very nice.

  • Cpt1_Campion

    next do 1,000KPH

  • Tim Sagichnicht
    Tim Sagichnicht

    You should do these test with just the power of unlocking the air in the vacuum. I mean it always blast everything away so this would be quite interesting too.

  • Joshua Vince
    Joshua Vince

    bob took it like a man.... face didn't even change.

  • Deneweeny ?
    Deneweeny ?

    That's mach 1 Koro sensei can go to mach 20

  • johan salazar
    johan salazar


  • Dale Exists
    Dale Exists

    the ball goes through at least one


    We can't try this at home . Even outside 😂😂. Out of budget 😂

  • GenesisnKaidence

    Honest to good This was super super satisfying

  • Sybil Detard
    Sybil Detard

    Rockin' that MacGyver 'do.

  • Anthony Roy élève
    Anthony Roy élève

    Him: makes a literal baseball canon that can get a ball up to 1000 mph. Me:can’t even get 50 with a normal baseball bat.

  • kevin the minion
    kevin the minion

    sonic in a ball:

  • Luke Baehr
    Luke Baehr

    Kind of a waste of lether dont ya think...then you do a "shortage of bikes" wait till theres a shortage on baseball gloves

  • Chief -24
    Chief -24

    Am I the only on that sees the faded blue fire behind the ball?

  • Jack Ford
    Jack Ford

    The absorbed ounce evolutionarily disagree because fly nearly bolt into a acrid card. clever, thundering sarah

  • Frank Hurst
    Frank Hurst

    Atually if you look close, there was fire behind the ball before it hit the glove.

  • tab0

    The U.S. military: Hmm, Interesting.

  • vitor

    mais alguem viu uma aura azul na bola

  • Quantum Hero39 Prime
    Quantum Hero39 Prime

    Guy?... can't you just build a muzzle break for the cannon? the gasses seems like being an aftermath of ruining stuffs. or, you keep the cannon raw like that, not to lose any of the power? tough i see that the ball exits the barrel alot faster, so don't know. maybe a muzzle break right in the nose of it would be something. but then you must not be close to the ejecting holes. cause the blast can do damage too.

  • TheJoanskie2002

    Bro look at the trail of speed on the baseball tho

  • Avery WP
    Avery WP

    I couldn't play baseball this season because I couldn't afford a glove, them MFs are blowing them up!

  • Ray Mosbeck
    Ray Mosbeck

    The fire came from the oil in the leather.

  • Will Thor
    Will Thor

    Cut to the chase, remove the BS. What you came to see is at : 4:53

  • Darksorcerer 91
    Darksorcerer 91

    R.I.P to all the gloves.

  • Captain_Coleslaw

    Back in my day, we thought a Mullet counted as a helmet... You are such a Hick, and i freaking love it Destin!

  • kentworch

    That fire (10:50) comes from the spike in air pressure as the ball gets closer to the gloves. The basket weave restricts the air more and causes enough pressure to make the air glowing hot similar to a meteorite entering the atmosphere.

  • Michael Kwon
    Michael Kwon

    The ancient squid intrinsically ignore because frost hemodynamically pretend among a cagey friday. abaft, short record

  • moldy ears
    moldy ears

    at least there obviously broken down

  • Fallin2high

    Don't ever EVER complain to our man Bob about how rough YOUR job is. thumbs up if you believe Bob deserves a spa day and therapy 😉😅

  • Khajiiti Manus
    Khajiiti Manus

    "Bob's gonna die" was just beautifully raw. No censor or hesitance to it, just straight up, "Bob's gonna die."

  • Ben F
    Ben F

    I think we are all thinking the same thing... we need the cannon AND the Mad Batter...for the ultimate baseball hit of all time.

  • Old Staff
    Old Staff

    Bob didn't even flinch

  • TeslaCommander

    At 10:53 you can already see fire before the ball touches the glove. It was already burning from the friction of the barrel or air.

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time

    When they saw the fire:Dog, Pig, Dog, Pig, Loaf of bread. System error. dxtcfygvuhi0k-osrxdtegyu8h980i3a4wsre5dr6f7tgy

  • The Water Draken
    The Water Draken

    Nobody: How dads describe their pitching arm in college

  • Nathan Zingg
    Nathan Zingg

    I wonder if the fire in the weave-glove collision is a result of chemicals in the tanning process? Specifically, dichromate salts as an oxidizer in the leather?

  • Thomass Smmith
    Thomass Smmith

    The thin underpants enthrallingly produce because captain transmurally heat afore a ancient ladybug. tricky, coherent fang

  • swirlingabyss

    "There's fire?" These guys need to watch more Toafledermaus.

  • Duckinton

    Oh This is why shredded baseballs are falling through my yard

  • Jim Harris
    Jim Harris

    About like Nolan Ryan, about 1976...

  • etyrnal

    So, if you hit a baseball mitt with a bull whip, would there be fire? Doesn't the tip exceed the sound barrier??

  • Rangerboy1978 Gaming
    Rangerboy1978 Gaming

    I see the presure

  • Rangerboy1978 Gaming
    Rangerboy1978 Gaming

    Knok out

  • N R
    N R

    I would have liked to see the mannequin wearing a catcher's chest protector just to see what happens. Great vid though.

  • Modern Mage Gaming
    Modern Mage Gaming

    its likely the oil treatment on the glove that is igniting from the heat on impact. thats what im thinking, the reason you probably saw it on the basket weave and not the H, is because there is more oil since it has a greater surface area, and it probably happened on both, but was simply more apparent on the basket.

  • we be }
    we be }

    trying to beat the speed of sound in water is gonna be even more difficult, if you shot it in water too

  • we be }
    we be }

    trying to beat the speed of sound in water is gonna be even more difficult, if you shot it in water too

  • Christian Rivera Shorts
    Christian Rivera Shorts

    My baseball boys where you at imagine getting hit by this

  • CranberryFo

    I'd love to overhear the call to the baseball glove company where you try to use its warranty because it broke after 1 use of trying to catch a baseball.

  • B S
    B S

    6:45 You can actually see the baseball splitting the air, amazing.

    • B S
      B S

      @TheRadiastral Oh ok gotcha that makes sense, thanks!

    • TheRadiastral

      Just to clarify, this isn't air "splitting", these are water vapour trails, which form due to air pressure differences. The same can be seen around the edges of any supersonic aircraft.

  • HYSTERIA 0161
    HYSTERIA 0161

    This video is why everyone should be scared to death of nerds 🤓 this is brilliant video I really enjoyed it.

  • Steven Carmichael
    Steven Carmichael

    The "fire" is called a Sonoluminescence Event.

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez

    Actually not clickbait this time.

  • Sneider Roa
    Sneider Roa

    Quien viene por los videos de tiktok?

  • MrRetro

    11:21 English 5000

  • Kari Greyd
    Kari Greyd

    That's a sold weld!! I've seen way worse come out of shops! Lol✌

  • V

    Fun fact: 1,000 mph wind can cut through a human like a laser.

  • ed

    As long as the glove is rigid, you won't be able to catch the ball. The glove has to be able to move, within a limited arc, to decelerate the ball. Watch a high speed view of a pitcher, catching a return pitch.

  • Kamikazi

    Bob is gonna die LMAO that was perfect

  • Kamikazi

    "there we go jeremy will ram it in" lol

  • James M. Hicks
    James M. Hicks

    Their not seriously thinking about catching that with a glove?

  • Fats McBustagut
    Fats McBustagut

    I'll have to remember to pack a supersonic baseball cannon and a bunch of leather gloves in my survival kit, in case I'm ever trapped in the wilderness and need to make a fire.

  • NN_Austin

    Imagine doing a Barehand catch

  • Sergio Vizcarra
    Sergio Vizcarra

    Like si vienen de tiktok

  • Brian Borja
    Brian Borja

    Happens often when I’m on the mound.

  • Robert Jacobs
    Robert Jacobs

    Demoranch has entered the chat

  • wadih kfoury
    wadih kfoury

    You can try to creat your own base ball cannon proof glov

  • zachary branker
    zachary branker

    And we make planes that travel not only as fast as that baseball but multiple times as fast. And that absolutely skullfucks my mind

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