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  • James Brent
    James Brent

    Would it be possible to do the same thing but with a 2-stroke?

  • Scott

    This actually helped me fix my carb on a tiller I have that was sat out for a while. Many thanks!

  • Navneet Nair
    Navneet Nair

    Another example of why this channel and veritasium never bore me.

  • Seth Clayborne
    Seth Clayborne

    4:30 you really dont realize how handy those large punches are until your on a job site like this. I used to build large fabric buildings such as the half circle shaped fabric buildings commonly seen at DOT facilities especially in snowy states where they use fabric buildings to store their road salt. some of the trusses would be 60 feet wide and 30 feet tall, multiple thousand pounds, hoisted up on a forklift. So it can get pretty tough to line up your bolt holes to line up, but with a punch we would just stick it in the second bolt hole then by applying pressure up or down you could move the massive truss enough to line up your other hole and get a bolt through

  • Dizzystj

    So where’s the petrified wood rocks lol

  • dk aldossari
    dk aldossari

    I didn't fully understand carburetor -while I know what they do -until I watched this level of detailed and entertaining explanation...thank you and I hope schools get scraped and replaced by more entertaining learining approach that gives you the ability to choose when and can have it everywhere

  • IISylo -
    IISylo -

    make the best mustache win

  • Rick _H.
    Rick _H.

    I'm not an engineer by any means but even I know letting an engine run away can blow the engine

  • Kev B
    Kev B

    Gotta say this is one of the best videos I've ever seen about a carburetor.

  • duerden10

    Hi smartereveryday I like your videos they're real cool my name is Preston I'm 6 years old and my dad watches you also

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden

    People who went to college to study things like this dont know something 13 year olds living on farms know.

  • TheDrakenZ

    your dad is awesome haha :D next you need to make a transparent carburetor showing primaries and secondaries engaging, vaccuum secondaries vs mechanical, and throw a powervalve in the mix while you're at it :D hahaha

  • Logan Narmore
    Logan Narmore

    linus came to bama wow. would have never thought of it.

  • دكان عطارة
    دكان عطارة

    one of your best episodes, touched my soul for some reason that i don't know it

  • Ricardo Portela da Silva
    Ricardo Portela da Silva

    I want to watch next video, UZmilk notify me.

  • Navneet Nair
    Navneet Nair

    I love the way Dad explains how he shouldn’t to let her rip. :)


    SOO CLOOSEE TO 10MILLL!!! Congrats!

  • Matt Bush
    Matt Bush

    I mean the clue's in the name right? Obviously it Carburets...

  • Kutay 84
    Kutay 84

    26:00 "And the most important deception, is to decept you that you are not in conflict" really ?? Maybe it is more deceitful to make you believe, you are in conflict? And we are good pals to help you get over that conflict, kind of thing.

  • Shane Michael
    Shane Michael

    New drinking game! Every time someone says “snatch block” take a shot. Your family will miss you.

  • Oriental Quiet
    Oriental Quiet

    Eric Dubay would say otherwise

  • Rahmi Acar
    Rahmi Acar

    Hahaha, i could own you in a glider :p I used to enjoy doing full stall until reverse drop happens, and keep it going by inputting reverse elevator and rudder to balance the tail downwards, until the air speed is so high that the nose just flips downwards. It's one of the coolest things. The great thing with gliders is their long wing span makes them excellent at certain things. Not so much rolls though, the are a bit slow at that.. Hammerheads are fine though, because it's not moving air on top of the wings at all. Also they pull some good g's :) I did some poor weather or i should say fun weather, along some ridges years back and the vertical speed criss crossed between maxed out up and down.. that's shifting potentially more than 50 - 60 mph in the vertical direction below seconds, it makes tesla's feel like nothing in comparison. The wings bend alot too so it's a fun experience for people not knowing what they get into :p

  • Angry Kouhai
    Angry Kouhai

    Dad: "It'll be running faster than it's designed to run, it's dangerous." Son: "But we have a fire extinguisher."

  • Bluefall76

    This video was so cool! Thanks a lot!

  • Christopher Jacobsson
    Christopher Jacobsson

    You know his dad succeded raising his son when he gets adressed as sir

  • Jase Watson
    Jase Watson

    Great video. I knew what was happening in a carb', but seeing it was something else. I can see why you have your dad featured in this video...SUBSCRIBED! No offence intended, but your dad reminds me of "Roy Chubby Brown" when he has his overalls on and "Benny Hill" when in his civies. These are two firm British favourite comics, with very different acts (you have been warned).

  • Steven Silver
    Steven Silver

    8:30: "I'm lookin' fer fire!" I feel like that was the smartest thing said in this video XD That's practical knowledge right there! 10:40: Dad showing off how he kept the whole thing from just exploding. What a legend!

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball

    6:45 But but... my wife said it didnt.....😧☹️

  • Crazy Eyes
    Crazy Eyes

    I feel the urge to start this training right now!

  • Zak Morris
    Zak Morris

    How much did the military pay you to make this?

  • Murkrust

    that girl was hot...

  • Zak Morris
    Zak Morris

    This is a horribly disguised recruitment video.

  • Yo Joe
    Yo Joe

    We never went to the moon.

  • Si Larkins
    Si Larkins

    Great great great educational video! Well done! Just want to say that I enjoyed every second of this. Not just because I got to see the inner workings of the humble carb’ but also because of the genuine joy on your face at the discoveries and working with your Dad. You guys have great chemistry! Thank you so much for sharing more than just knowledge.

  • Anton Kyrychenko
    Anton Kyrychenko

    Lets make giant MEA and suck all co2 from the atmosphere xD

  • thom g
    thom g

    Looks like what will happen during the big tear, or rip, whenever the universe expands to far.

  • john mcdonough
    john mcdonough

    Before you were smarter, your dad was smart.

  • Crypto Castle
    Crypto Castle

    Get some balls. And then decide to make a video.

  • Chris Conner, Jr
    Chris Conner, Jr

    Ur dad is a true southern gentleman. N btw I live in Anniston we're basically neighbors

  • Zovera Wizo
    Zovera Wizo

    Ur a great marksman

  • Anthony Rosenau
    Anthony Rosenau

    Do You Enjoy paying for your wasted Degree? I Knew about Centrifugal Force At 10. Everyone Should Grow up on a FARM and They would Function in Life. Lawn Mowers Create a Tornado Effect on the ground! Keep Mowing Grass.😂🤣😁

  • Bazenga Gaming
    Bazenga Gaming

    You and your Dad are so awesome together. =) I got choked up when you said "I want to learn about carburetors from my dad." You're so lucky to have a good relationship with your dad. God Bless your guys.

  • Mark Armstrong
    Mark Armstrong

    Very nice! We know how they work but never the details. What an opportunity to have a great relationship with your mentor. Loved it all. Also great editing!

  • CleaveMountaineering

    My first job at 15 years old was helping build a grain bin. We used the exact same process - build from the top down and jack it up each level. Yes, punches are amazing, we used them a lot. Farmers are even more amazing! I would recommend that every young man do some work on a farm.

  • Muhammad Anas
    Muhammad Anas

    Everything about this video is heart ❤ worming, from you and your dad's relationship to the complexities of the device.. Absolutely loved it. It is clear from your genuine reaction that you absolutely love mechanics and are actually motivated by it. Watching your videos 📹 not only help me understand concepts but also understand the way to go about it. Its so motivating for us viewers. Love from 🇵🇰

  • Mantis

    Why does the thumbnail look like some sort of artificial insemination device?

  • ambili mohan
    ambili mohan

    It spread disease especially the needle carry infection from one person to another

  • Andrew Tomczak
    Andrew Tomczak

    The higher speed of the air in the venturi causes low pressure, therefore the higher pressure of in the fuel bowl pushes the gas out of the tube (jet). Common sense would show it does not work. Like an airplane wing, the high speed air lowers the pressure. I hate to be a Debbie downer but, with computers available there is no need to continue this crude way of polluting the air. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) makes this into cave man, super pollution, technology, I am interested in all out war on the carburetor, using Open Source EFI in order to decrease air pollution across the globe, especially in 3rd Word countries. What I think would be interesting as a follow up, would be to compare the stats of EFI vs. Carburetor.

  • DoesItTrack

    What a great video! I really enjoy watching you and your dad interact. He seems like a great guy to hang out with!

  • 3V0

    "Im sober, doing some science" same.

  • Adam Dominguez
    Adam Dominguez

    Neuralink may be able solve the intent problem

  • David Frankel
    David Frankel

    Such a nice time with your dad. Your relationship is running on all cylinders. G-d bless.

  • Dom Torres
    Dom Torres


  • David Yakovzon
    David Yakovzon

    תודה אלוקים💚

  • Jerry Cordova
    Jerry Cordova

    A vehicle's high performance carburetor would trip you out. So, so many different functions, its crazy!

  • Tech Brain
    Tech Brain

    To be honest , I once saw a video related to this sport and I thought they were cleaning staff of the stadium. LoL

  • Dmitrii Zhukov
    Dmitrii Zhukov

    thank you and your dad from Russia for such a vivid and awesome presentation. Please do the same video about how fuel and air is mixed in a diesel engine.

  • MetalZeroOne

    Great VID BTW but I noticed he became a Texan with DAD. His accent totally changed to Cowboy and became normal afterwards. LOL. Peace.

  • Steve'o Deal
    Steve'o Deal

    life doesn't get any better than this!

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia

    Sounds like a helicopter

  • Rob Boyce
    Rob Boyce

    You say let’s be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. Well, that is impossible to do unless you have tons of time and some resources. The problem is that our mainstream media is not telling the truth. And they have unlimited resources. Plus big tech is censoring those who they don’t agree with. The only way to be a part of the solution is to remove all social media from your phone. In fact, close down your account. Next, don’t watch any news. You will get your news from friends and family. And from what you hear and your ideology, form your opinions and move forward.

  • J Haskins
    J Haskins

    I am eating

  • Francisco M Neto
    Francisco M Neto

    I love your dad

  • someguy325es

    Obviously the worm got a covid vaccine

  • Rajat Barua
    Rajat Barua

    You know onething bro...I have actually used this machine in my college final year project...This machine is called AAS(atomic absorption spectroscopy)...Omg..I can't believe that.,..I really proud of me now....Thanx bro [email protected]

  • Kyle AuBuchon
    Kyle AuBuchon

    My phone opened google assistant when he said "hey google we're about to shoot you with a laser".

  • Biska

    Thank you Destin. Not only for making an excelent video to explain something difficult in a easy way, but also to show a wonderful father and son relationship. I feel smarter for the notions and I feel happy for all the smiles and kindness.

  • ricarleite

    What they probably don't tell you on this presentation is the fact IBM lobbied hard to replace the MIT's AGC with the LVDC just so they would be running the landing on the moon. However, the AGC was extremely more efficient and fail proof. If IBM had their way, they would likely have killed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the lunar landing.

  • sugat jena
    sugat jena

    Most beautiful video I've seen in a long time

  • Chris Grace
    Chris Grace

    Hear, my son, your father's instruction, and forsake not your mother's teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck.

  • Arne Cl
    Arne Cl

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  • Ross Hafeman
    Ross Hafeman

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  • Danish Parts Wala
    Danish Parts Wala

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  • Tomas Blazukas
    Tomas Blazukas

    You have a wonderful father. Bless you both! Enjoy each other! Thank you for sharing <3

  • Tanner Walters
    Tanner Walters

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  • Ramond Ferreal
    Ramond Ferreal

    There HAS to be a height and weight limit. If you're a big, tall dude, life would be miserable.

  • Channel 99
    Channel 99

    To lessen the chance of backfiring, throttle down all the way for about 10 seconds before shutting the engine off.